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How to Create a City Builder Game in Unity

How to Create a City Builder Game in Unity

  • English
  • Game Development
  • UnityUnity
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  • Project length: 5h 48m

City Builder games are one of the most popular games in the mobile market, so it is definitely an important game to have in your portfolio!. Here, we’ll be creating a full City Builder prototype game from scratch in Unity3D



In this project, you will create a solid 3D Isometric City Builder game inside Unity3D. We will be using tiles, buildings (with each own functionalities) and resource management for recollecting stuff in the game. And finally, you will create a solid framework, for you to be able to expand upon even after we have finished this project!

What are the requirements?

  • Intermediate Unity3D and C# Knowledge.

What is the target audience?

  • You want to have a solid understanding about how City Builder games are made.
  • Game developers that want to increase their expertise with a more advanced project.

Project Outline

Session 1: In these sessions we will setup our tools and we will be checking out some city builder games and understand some key features that these types of games has. To later understand what we will do.

  • Session 1.1: Setting up Unity and Visual Studio.
  • Session 1.2: Understanding city builder games.

Session 2: Data Structure - We will be defining all the base data structures for setting up the tiles, obstacle resources and general buildings.

Session 3: Game UI - We will set up our user interface for showing all the required information for the end user.

Session 4: Game Tiles - In this session we will begin coding our base game functionality to be able to recollect resources from a source and to build our tile system.

  • Session 4.1: Tile Generation.
  • Session 4.2: Randomized resource elements on the tile grid.
  • Session 4.3: Connecting our data to the game UI.

Session 5: Buildings - In this session we will place our buildings inside our tile system, make the buildings prefabs and to be able to have 3D World UI to show resources and have our buildings to have different kinds of behaviours.

  • Session 5.1.1: Asset search and building placement PART 1.
  • Session 5.1.2: Asset search and building placement PART 2.
  • Session 5.2: Buildings functionalities.
  • Session 5.3: Buildings world UI.

Session 6: Final Touches - In this session we will test all our tile system, resources recollection and our buildings thoroughly and check if they have any errors and fix them. Followed by further project notes and details.

Session 7: Project Recap


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    6 months ago

    Very bad didnt learn anything

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    9 months ago

    + interesting subject + simple and easy to follow coding style + well commented code - dev seems to develop the application on the fly without much preparation beforehand which results in many errors - only superficial discussion of city building games - no need for a tile based map. All tiles are the same. Use on single object for the map instead - despite implementation of simple resource gathering, the allocated resources don't affect gameplay - poor ux Despite some shortcomings recommended

  • Avatar


    2 years ago

    There are too many times that you go back and redo something again and again, cause he didn't bothered to edit the video when he makes a mistake, that lots of times you get lost and confused about what you are doing. If ZeronevDev bothered to edit the videos deleting everithing that he does for nothing cause five minutes later he ends deleting that code to "make it beter", this would be a waaay shorter series of videos. He might be a good programer, but he is a zero as a teacher/explainer.