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How to Create a Voting dApp Using Ethers.js

How to Create a Voting dApp Using Ethers.js

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  • Cryptocurrency
  • EthereumEthereum
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  • Project length: 2h 09m

Through this project, we will learn Ethers.JS by creating a decentralized voting app



In this project, we shall create a decentralized voting smart contract in the solidity programming language and interact with the smart contract via Ether.JS an alternative to web3.js

What are the requirements?

  • Expert Knowledge of Solidity
  • Expert Knowledge in Blockchain

What is the target audience?

  • Blockchain Developers intending to learn EtherJs as an alternative to web3.js

Project Outline

The project outline explains what you will learn in each session

Here we look at the overview of our voting dApp and also discuss the features of Ethers.Js


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