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How to design a Photoreal Environment in Zbrush

How to design a Photoreal Environment in Zbrush

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  • Project length: 5h 56m

Hello People! In this Project i will teach you how to create a project in Zbrush 4R8 witch covers photoreal environments ! ENJOY!


This tutorial covers how to create a photo real based environment in zbrush, from real life photos > mesh creating > texturing> coloring> rendering and something special witch you'll have at the end.

Lets have some fun!

Project Outline

Session 1: Getting down with the basic forms

Modeling of all the assets in the scene

Session 2: Detailing the assets and grab some style points for placing them right

Detailing the assets and put them in such a way that at the end will pop out

Session 3: Texturing them based on photos i took from real life scenes

Here we will use the texture photos i gave you with this project and texture all the assets

Session 4: Coloring

Based on the last video we will color/texture every assets and even enchant the colors and textures by hand

Session 5: Testing of the enviroment

Here is the fun part, we will test the environment with some cute and mentally instable worms that i modeled

Session 6: Render in Keyshot!

The renders need to show how good we are and i will show you my style of rendering

Tools that we need: Zbrush4R8 , Keyshot


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