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How to Make a Horror Game In Unity C#

How to Make a Horror Game In Unity C#

  • English
  • Game Development
  • UnityUnity
  • (2969)
  • Project length: 6h 03m

In this project we will create a horror game. We will do so completley in C#. This will be an eight session tutorial series. Each session will be around an hour


Have you ever wanted to make an awesome horror game but then you try and just can't figure out how? Well if so than this tutorial is PERFECT for you!

What am I Learning?

You are learning how to make a full horror game, with many different systems all custom coded in c#

I'm Stuck Helppp

It's OKAY!! You can download the full source project if you are a pro member if you need any help message me on discord

Links To Download Programs We Use

Contact Info

  • Discord:UDTutorials#8365

Project Outline

Session 1: Setting up Movement and Crouching Systems

  • Introduction
  • Setting Up Unity Project
  • Importing Standard Assets
  • Create Debug Scene
  • Modifying Character Controller To Allow a Crouching System
  • Homework: Download or Create a Font
  • Homework: Get Footstep Sounds

Session 2.1: Basic Flashlight System

  • Importing Flashlight Model
  • Creating FlashLight Script
  • Applying Game Objects

Session 2.2: Advanced Flashlight System

  • Flashlight Battery Systems *Animate turning flashlight on and off

Session 2.3: Finalized Flashlight System

  • Add Batteries Around Debug Map
    • Homework: Get jumpscare sounds

Session 3: 3d Animated Jumpscares

  • Import 3d Jumpscare Model
  • Animate 3d Jumpscares
  • Create Jumpscare Script for 3d Animated Jumpscares

Session 4.1: Dynamic Health System

  • Create Health UI
  • Create Health Script

Session 4.2: Pause Menu

  • Create Pause Menu UI
  • Create Pause Script

Session 5: CCTV Cameras, Useable Notes

  • Importing CCTV Camera Models
  • Creating Textures for CCTV TV's
  • Importing paper Textures *Creating Script for Interactable notes

Session 6: Damage System, Enviroment Creation

  • Damage UI
  • Damage Health Script
  • Import Environment Assets
  • Create Enviroment

Session 7: Post Processing Effects, Sanity System

  • Importing Post Proccessing Stack
  • Create Post Proccess Effects
  • Create Effects For Sanity
  • Create Sanity Script

Session 8: Main Menu, Cutscenes, Building Game for Release,

  • Create Main Menu UI *Create MainMenu Script
  • Create Cutscene Script *Animate Cutscenes
  • Prepare Game for Building
  • Build Game

We use The Following Tools:_

  • Photoshop, (*You can use Gimp")
  • Makehuman
  • Monodevelop


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