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How to build Pong in Unity

How to build Pong in Unity

  • English
  • Game Development
  • UnityUnity
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  • Project length: 4h 10m

Pong, a classic game... In fact, the first game ever created! Let's go back to the roots of game development and create pong! But let's update it a little bit! With Hight Quality Sound design, high-quality textures, and many more things all coded in C#! Join me in this adventure as I teach you how to make Pong In Unity!! For this Unity 2019 is recommended but not required! anything 2018+ should work fine!



Sometimes as game developers and game developers in training we want to learn something relatively small not really to publish but to test out so we can gain more knowledge in coding! That is what this is, it's perfect for all you beginning and intermediate coders! Pong is our history, Pong was the first game ever made it was created way back in 1972! So let's update it a little bit! This tutorial series will show making sound design, textures, and many different scripts! So join me in this tutorial series on Creating Pong! ADDED NOTE -=-=-=- Those who wish to go above and beyond and make the 2nd paddle an AI can check out this amazing script here made by CREATOR: SCRIPT:

What are the requirements?

  • Knowledge Of Layout of Unity (encouraged but not required)
  • Photo Editing Software Photoshop Preferably

What is the target audience?

  • Beginners & Intermediate Coders!
  • Game Developers

Project Outline

The project outline explains what you will learn in each session

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Starting up our project, creating new one, organizing basic layout of Unity 2019!


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