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How to Create WebApp for Smart Sensors:Python

How to Create WebApp for Smart Sensors:Python

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Hi, my name is Henrique and recently I made a side project for a hospital where a smart thermometer notify a employee when the blood refrigerator get its temperature off the expected. The only part of the project that i was not involved was the creation of the web app, so i made one as a proof of concept and it turned out so great that i made a tutorial. So if you watch carefully you are going teach you how to make a web app using flask that interacts with a mqtt broker.


How to create a web app using flask


This tutorial will cover how to work with flask and how to create a simple API and a web app that notify the user when a event is triggered. During the tutorial you will learn how to setup the environment both for Windows and for Linux, understand how flask work and how to build applications with it.

What are the requirements?

  • Basic Python and SQL
  • A idea of what is a API
  • Desire to learn ;D

You should see this tutorial if you want :

  • Learn how to do APIs for your projects
  • Make a web app based on flask
  • Keep up with new tools and want to be updated

I'll stream Weekly 5pm EST on Monday and Friday

Project Outline

Session 1: Setting-up the Environment

  • Setting up the programming environment for windows
  • Setting up the programming environment for linux

Session 2: Understanding Flask - Building a simple API Here we will:

  • Meet the mock
  • Understand MQTT
  • Making a simple API

Session 3: Making a (really) simple webapp

Before building the final project we are going to make a simpler one to get the core concepts.

We will be following steps;

  • Meet the app
  • Recovering Info
  • Delivering info

Session 4: Getting Dirty

Its time to make the real web app using the concepts of the two sessions before.

Session 5: Making a push

There are just two things left to do here, the one that we are going to cover today is the part of the app that send notifications to the users.

  • Understanding Push
  • Getting allowance
  • Sending notification

Session 6: Thinking of security

This part is not mainly about the app but to make it secure, so we are going to work with auth and cookies. But believe, it is really important to know about it.

  • Understanding Cookies
  • Making a simple auth
  • Understanding security

Section 5: Review

There is no script here, today is devoted to sane doubts and explain any points that were not understood in the previous sessions.

Tools used:

  • Mosquitto
  • Python
  • Flask
  • Paho


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