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How to create a Medieval Village in Autodesk Maya

How to create a Medieval Village in Autodesk Maya

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Watching this tutorial will help you get an idea of how you can create one village with all textures and vegetation around it by using Autodesk Maya and Substance Painter. We will explain diffrent tools that are helping in this proccess and we will do it step by step so you do not miss out on anything!


How to create medieval village using Autodesk Maya


This tutorial will cover full proccess in creating Medieval village,with vegetation and all textures. We will start off with creating simple scene and adding houses. From there we will work on all details needed for houses and placement of each one in scene.


~ Autodesk Maya

~Substance Painter

~Knownledge assosiated with using Autodesk Maya tools such as boolean,bevel,IELT,Paint Effects...

Project Outline

Session 1: Creating well

In this part we will focus ourselfs on creating starting point for our scene and that would be well.We will create well in the center of out scene and give it some details so we can move further.

Session 2: Creating house

Through this session we will start with our first house. We will create base shape and some basic details that we will work further more on in the next session.

Session 2.1: Creating Details for the house

In this session we will work on details and topology of the mesh. We will add more details on roof,wood and from the sides so we can give this house a much better look.

Session 2,2: Finishing house

Finally, in this session we will finish with all details on house and start talk about how we are going to position everything inside scene. We will do copies of house so we can change details in the next session for our design.

Session 3: Changing detials on the houses and adding vegetation

In this session we will work on details of other houses so it does not all look the same. Also what we are going to do is add vegetation using Paint Effect tool inside Autodesk Maya. I will explain how this tool works and give you guys some idea about how you could do vegetation for this and any other projects in future.

Session 4: Texturing proccess

In this session we will export one part of our project to substance painter, only the needed one( So it will be the well and first house we have created. Reason for this will be because we are going to use same textures for all other models. Here we will add textures to our materials and export them for implementation in Autodesk Maya.

Session 5: Final scene

In this last session i will just show you a way you can add this textures properly in maya, explain more about the ways you can create vegetation using xGen and talk about the finishing proccess i will be doing.

Final render will be in the reference part!


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