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How to Model NASA Space Station from scratch in Maya

How to Model NASA Space Station from scratch in Maya

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  • Project length: 6h 24m

In this tutorial i will show you guys whole proccess in order to create one awesome space station! We will go step by step in creating basic structure, rough detailing, full detailing and i will show you how to use diffrent tools together and how to read from such references in order to achive the best results! Stay tuned!!!


How to create a Space Station

This tutorial will cover my process of creating medium size,medium detail level space station using diffrent tools and techniques in order to get were we wanted.


  • Autodesk Maya

Project Outline

Session 1: Creating left wing:

  • In this session we will work on left side of our station. We will start with panels and continue with basic details needed there.

Session 1.1: Finishing planes and starting design for main structure

In this session we will finish with modeling proccess of left side panels of our station and focus ourselfs on creating main structure.

Session 1.2: Main structure
Through out this session we will continue working on main structure,adding details to it and creating diffrent shapes for our station in order to duplicate whole proccess to other side(at right).

Session 1.3: Left side finish

In this session i will finish with whole left side main structure and panel structure, work a bit on a details and prepare our model for final detailing.

Session 2: Working on details

Through this session we will work on details of our space station that we have not previously added. We will work more on shape of our whole structure and we will use diffrent modeling tools as some details require.

Session 2.1: Finishing with details on left side of Space Station

In this session we will finally be over with all needed details for this project and work our way to combine all meshes created into one huge piece.

Session 2.2: Middle section

This sessions main goal is in creating middle section of our station. We will start of with basic structure and from there, add more details,panels and everything that we are required.

Session 3: Final

This session is all about creating some more details on our model,fixing what is necessary and connecting all pieces together into one awesome space station!


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