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How to design MRAP Vehicle in Autodesk Maya

How to design MRAP Vehicle in Autodesk Maya

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This tutorial is about how to create MRAP Vehicle in Autodesk Maya. It will go through all the details, we will work from the side view as the main guideline and look for details from the rest of the reference too later on. It is created to be step by step, so each session will teach you a different segment of the model and how to create it.


  • Autodesk Maya
  • Substance Painter
  • Flexibility with variations of tools
  • And the most important is: the desire to learn

What is the target audience:

  • People who want to enhance their knowledge

Project Outline

Session 1: Doors and Windows

In this session, we will start off by creating main body shape for our vehicle and from there we will create doors and windows. We will use the extraction process in order to keep the main shape out of the picture when it comes to adding support lines for our windows and doors. ( It has to go separately )

Our main focus is:

  • Basic shape of the vehicle
  • Windows
  • Doors shape

Session 2: Left side details

Through this session, we are working on all main details found on the left side of our vehicle. This means we will go for ammunition boxes and other details and create them step by step in order to finish the first main part of the model.

Session 3: Right side details

In this session, everything that we mentioned earlier for the left side now comes for the right side too. In order to create this model and have it good looking we have to add necessary details on the right side too ( Ammunition boxes, exhaust fume pipe etc.... ).

Session 4: Bottom details and connection with Tires

Our main focus here is:

  • Creating Tires with its details
  • Creating connecting rod for our Tires
  • Working on rest of the details and connections through the bottom of the vehicle

Session 5: Front and back details

Coming to this session we are close the end of this model when it comes to the design inside Autodesk Maya. We want to work on front and back details in this session which means we will go for back side doors, ladders and many more details needed and shown from the reference.

Session 6: Top details

In this session, we will work on defense system created at the top of the vehicle for a gunman and we will add a gun previously created in the next session. ( Check in the reference folder and look for gun.obj it is pretty basic but it can come handy)

Session 7: Design finale

This is the last session of the Autodesk Maya design for MRAP Vehicle, there is not much left. what we want is to import a gun for our model, smooth paths that are not smoothed yet and add a couple of details that we have not created before through this whole journey.

Session 8: Texturing

This session is done in Substance Painter. We worked on a few layers in order to create materials that we want. Mostly, we used fill layers and masks for this whole process in order to get the right colors, effects etc.. This session will show you:

  • Nice tricks with masks and alphas in order to create dirt effects.
  • Whole texturing process for MRAP vehicle

Session 9: VraySky and VraySun tweaks and fixes

Through this session, we will talk a little bit more about VraySky and VraySun settings and how we could use them in our scene. Also, we will talk about small problems people usually have when it comes to VraySun light problems in scene and problems with using textures correctly.


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