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How to improve your 3D skills in Maya and design Toyota Rav4

How to improve your 3D skills in Maya and design Toyota Rav4

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  • Design
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  • Project length: 3h 26m



This tutorial will go through the process of modelling a car in Maya. It will focus on all major stages of hard surface model creation. First, we’ll look at how to start with Maya and how to navigate and use different tools. Then we will start modelling a Toyota Rav4 with reference images. Once we've created the model, we'll unfold UV-s and prepare the model for texturing. We will texture the car in substance painter and make test renders.

What are the requirements?

  • Autodesk Maya.
  • Unfold 3D.
  • Substance Painter.
  • And the most important is: desire to learn .

What is the target audience? Anyone who wishes to learn more about

  • Hard surface modeling in Maya
  • Creating proper uv layout.
  • Texturing of model.
  • Rendering of 3D model.

Project Outline

Session 1: Introduction to Maya Interface.

  • How to navigate in Maya.
  • How to use different Tools.

Session 2: Preparing for modelling.

  • Creating project in Maya.
  • Importing reference images.

Session 3:* Modeling step by step ..

Here we will learn how to model Toyota Rav4.

  • Modeling car in Maya step by step.

Session 4: How to prepare the model for texturing.

  • How to use Unfold 3D.
  • Importing 3D model in unfold 3D.
  • How to unfold UV-s properly.

Session 5: How to texture Toyota Rav4 in Substance Painter.

  • Importing model in Substance Painter.
  • Creating materials and baking texture maps.
  • Test render in Substance Painter
  • Exporting textures for KeyShot from substance painter

Session 6: How to render in Keyshot

  • Rendering a car in Keyshot


  • Autodesk Maya
  • Unfold 3D
  • Substance Painter


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