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botpourri: fix fix fix #bot #programming #c++


botpourri: make installer

with Sassafras_wot|23 years experience|C-C++

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botpourri: fix fix fix #bot #programming #c++

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a written-from-scratch in C++ streamer assistant "bot". ie, a network application intended to help a live streamer do all sorts of things. Platforms: Windows, OSX port coming next, Ubuntu after. Features: VOICE CONTROL, MIDI CONTROL, STREAM ALERTS, CHAT MODERATION, SUPER FANCY DASHBOARD, game integration plugins (eg: CSGO, realtime analytics (PIECHARTS!!), QUEUES, POLLS, NEWS, QUOTES, TIMERS, MULTIPLE CURRENCY SUPPORT, LOGGING, SOUND EFFECTS, CUSTOM CMDS, Coming right after launch: music jukebox, more analytics, raffles, more game integrations (EVE ONLINE/FLIGHT SIMS) Applicatoin feartures an open plugin architecture so developers can write their own plugins with a plugin marketplace website for plugin sharing/updating. AND BOTPOURRI will be COMPLETELY AND FOREVER FREE. Any donations or subscriptions are accepted to encourage and support it's development but are not mandatory.


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