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How to make spaceship interior using 3ds Max and Vray

How to make spaceship interior using 3ds Max and Vray

  • English
  • Game Development
  • 2d/3d game art2d/3d game art
  • (1967)
  • Project length: 6h 15m


How to make spaceship interior using 3ds Max and Vray


This tutorial will go through the process of creating a spaceship interior in 3ds Max and preparing the environment for render with VRay renderer. By using elemental workflows of 3ds Max and Vray we will make a high poly scene which can be used for render, artwork or optimized for the further use in-game engine. We will model our own and add downloadable assets to our scene. We will make an entire scene where we will model a cockpit, corridor and a control room and learn how to choose and adjust render setups. We will also learn how to edit our renders in Photoshop and render 360° images.

What are the requirements? To get the most out of the tutorial, viewers should have some basic knowledge or understanding of:

  • Conceptual thinking and planning
  • 3ds Max, VRay, and Photoshop installed
  • And the most important is: the desire to learn

What is the target audience? Anyone who wishes to learn more about:

  • 3d modelling and 3d design
  • Game design
  • 3ds Max
  • V Ray
  • Image editing and Photoshop

Project Outline

Session 1: Introduction

  • Interface adjustments
  • Scene planning
  • References from the internet
  • Low poly modelling and setup
  • Elementary camera and environment setup

Session 2: Modeling: The cockpit

  • Modeling of control board parts

Session 2.1: Image-based modelling

  • Modeling of chairs

Session 3: Modeling: The corridor

  • Modeling of doors

  • Modeling of floor

Session 4: Modeling: Finishing the model

  • Table modelling
  • Using free, downloadable assets
  • Putting the room together with the assets we already made

Session 5: Texturing

  • Making of your own materials
  • Using blend materials
  • Using light materials
  • Using premade, free materials

Session 6: Final adjustments

  • Setting Up renderer parameters
  • Adjusting the camera and environment settings
  • Setting up render elements
  • Archiving files and using Collect Assets to prepare to render for network rendering’

Session 6.1 Additional camera setup

  • Animating camera
  • Making a 360 image
  • Using render elements in Photoshop


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