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How to create a Dictionary in Java

How to create a Dictionary in Java

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  • Project length: 1h 48m

We will create an English Dictionary Application in Java with GUI using Oxford API and Netbeans IDE This Project will not only teach you how to make a dictionary but will also enhance your knowledge about API's



This Project will be a Dictionary with a GUI using JavaFx We will use the Oxford API for this and will create a Real-Time App

What are the requirements?

  • The only requirement for this Project is that you should be already familiar with the basics of the Java programming language. If you are not familiar with Java but you are familiar with another programming language that's enough as well.

What is the target audience?

  • You want to build a Dictionary with GUI in Java
  • anyone who wants to learn how to use The Oxford API
  • anyone who is interested in Scene Builder

Project Outline

Session 1: Setup the Environment

In this session, we will get Oxford API token and set up our environment like installing NetBeans etc

Session 2: Basic Code

This will be the session where we will do all the real work with API, using JSON and doing the basic code

Session 3: Building the Application

Here we will build a real application with proper GUI to it using different scene builder and javafx

Session 4: Finishing the Project

Well, this will complete finishing of the project to make it better.

My Comments

I Hired Shpetim Selaci who is a Renowned Java Expert for this Project, and I was very interested to see how he will take real-time data from Oxford, let's hope you guy also learn new things from this :)


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    2 years ago

    Great tutorial Shpetim. Do more tutorials like this !

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    a year ago

    hi I get this message in text box: org.json.JSONException: JSONObject["lexicalCategory"] not a string.

  • Avatar


    a year ago

    Please I dont get your signature for the retrieveData method: (string........params), where or why the ................. inside the parameter?

  • Avatar


    a year ago

    Great tutorial. It really helped me to study more Java for college. Thank you very much

  • Avatar


    a year ago

    help I get the following error in the jfxsa = org.json.JSONException: Null key.