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How to Create a Student Management System in PHP

How to Create a Student Management System in PHP

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  • Programming
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  • Project length: 1h 38m

PHP is a Powerful Language and in this proect we will create a Student Management System. but Because We are uber Security Experts, We will also make sure it is Safe against common Vulenerabilkities like SQLi


** Requirements

  • PHP 5.6 or above
  • MySQL
  • I suggest to use XAMPP Control Panel

Project Outline

Session 1 Creatomg a Base

  • Create a Database
  • Create a Registration Page

Session 2 Setting up Database Connection

  • Database Connection File
  • Script to store Inputs in Database *Error Corrections in Database Connection

Session 3 Fetching the Information

  • Script to Fetch info from Database
  • Adding CSS

Session 4 Other Things

  • Script for Deleting Students
  • Patching for Vulnerabilities

MY Comments

  • I again Hired my partner Jitendra to do this Stream because he is an expert in PHP.


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