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How to Create a Base Defense Game in Unity

How to Create a Base Defense Game in Unity

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  • Project length: 6h 21m

Welcome to this tutorial series! We'll be creating a Base Defense game from scratch. Remember those good old Tower and Base defense games of old? Warcraft III and Starcraft mods? Well, I do and they were awesome! We're gonna create a prototype version of those, understand the logic, apply Navigation to 3D enemies and detection to towers. Also will add health to the base and let the enemies attack it! Join me in creating a great, fun game.


How to Create a Base Defense Game in Unity


With this tutorial series you'll understand how to create a Base Defense game from the ground up. This includes algorithms, logic structure, code structure and gameplay objectives. We're gonna go slow and steady and build a great game!

What are the requirements?

  • Unity
  • Visual Studio
  • C#

What is the target audience?

  • Tower and Base defense lovers
  • You wanna learn about 3D navigation
  • Game design is your passion!

When are the streaming sessions (streaming schedule)?

Daily 3 pm EST starting Wednesday, October 17th until we finish.

Project Outline

Session 1: Definitions and Installations

During these sessions we'll be installing Unity and making sure we're all on the same boat about what game is going to come out of this series!

  • Session 1.1: Installing Unity and Visual Studio
  • Session 1.2: Definition of Base Defense games, checking examples
  • Session 1.3: Scoping our project

Session 2: Game Setup

During Session 2 we'll check the asset store for some 3D characters we may be able to use and maybe some other assets for other objects. Afterwards, we'll create a game world and create all the base scripts and some prefabs.

  • Session 2.1: Asset Search
  • Session 2.2: Game world creation
  • Session 2.3: Prefabs and Scripts

Session 3: Enemies and Headquarters

In this session we'll do the most logical thing to start with, we'll make our enemies move around the game map and attack our headquarters. Of course for this, we need an HQ! So that'll be created first.

  • Session 3.1: Headquarters.
  • Session 3.2: Base Enemy.
  • Session 3.3: Big and Fast Enemies.
  • Session 3.4: Enemy automatic generation

Session 4: Towers

While we work on Session 4, we'll be creating different types of towers for our game. Namely: Arrow tower, Bomb tower, Freeze tower. But first, of course... we need the BaseTower script which will be developed along with all towers.

  • Session 4.1: Base Tower initial setup
  • Session 4.2: Arrow Tower.
  • Session 4.3: Bomb Tower.
  • Session 4.4: Freeze Tower.

Session 5: Tower and Base Upgrades

For these sessions we'll be adding tower upgrades, base upgrades and the base's upgrades will also unlock player spellcasting, which will finalize our game!

  • Session 5.1: Tower Upgrades and Base Upgrades

Session 6: Recap and Q&A


  • Unity
  • Visual Studio


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    3 years ago

    I like all the content that RamonDev puts out. This is no exception.

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    3 years ago

    I've been struggling with this one, now I solved it, so thanks.

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    3 years ago

    Good thing about this project is that you see everything from start to finsih, so you can just copy and learn.