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How To Integrate Amazing Official Unity Plugins To Your Game

How To Integrate Amazing Official Unity Plugins To Your Game

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Recently, Unity added a Package Manager to its official Editor and it's full of amazing plugins that seem to go over most people's heads. We'll be analyzing them, downloading them and learning how to use them. Also, as a bonus, I'll try to teach you how to "learn" to use them. Let's explore and learn about these amazing, free, official Unity plugins!


How To Integrate Amazing Official Unity Plugins to Your Game


This tutorial will help everyone deal with a ton of new tools. Unity provides us with them in the Editor, but we don't seem to read or see them anywhere, so in this series we're gonna cover some of them!

What are the requirements?

  • Unity 2018+
  • Visual Studio
  • C#

What is the target audience?

  • You're looking to speed up your game development loop
  • Unity is your bread and butter
  • These plugins seem interesting!

When are the streaming sessions (streaming schedule)?

Thursday October 11th at 3 PM EST, continuing over to Friday at the same time.

Project Outline

Session 1: Definitions and Installations

This session will cover a brief definition of every plugin we're checking out during the whole series, where to find documentation, how to use the Package Manager, and of course checking that we all have Unity's most recent version and Visual Studio installed.

  • Session 1.1: Installing Unity and Visual Studio.
  • Session 1.2: Package Manager and Individual Definitions.

Session 2: 2D and 2D Animation Plugins

We'll explore, install and test the 2D animation plugins that currently exist officially for Unity. These are: 2D Animation, 2D IK, 2D Pixel Perfect.

  • Session 2.1: 2D Animation Plugin
  • Session 2.2: 2D IK Plugin and making sample animations
  • Session 2.3: 2D Pixel Perfect, SpriteShape

Session 3: Camera and User Interface

These two topics are very, quite important to the User experience in your game. We're going to explore 3 official plugins: Cinemachine, TextMeshPro and the Post Processing Stack.

  • Session 3.1: Cinemachine.
  • Session 3.2: TextMeshPro.
  • Session 3.3: Post Processing Stack and Shader Graph

Session 4: 3D Design

During this session we'll explore two very impressive assets to have free, official from Unity themselves. They are: Pro Builder and Pro Grids.

  • Session 4.1: Pro Builder.
  • Session 4.2: Pro Grids.

Session 5: Further tips, Recap, Q&A


  • Unity.
  • Visual Studio
  • C#
  • Official Unity Plugins


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    I wanted to integrate this on a game that I'm working on, and now I can do that.