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How to make a Mobile Physics Game in Unity

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Session 4.2: Creating and Adding Music and SFX, Exporting to APK. testing

with RamonDev|4 years experience


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How to make a Mobile Physics Game in Unity

  • English
  • Game Development
  • UnityUnity
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  • Project length: 6h 20m

This project is about the ways to make a Physics Based game for Mobile in Unity. The end product will be a full fledged game with touch controls exported as an APK for Android. It will teach basic and intermediate Unity developers how to make such a game in a prototype state, how to read touches in a very simple way and how to optimize their mobile games with Object pooling. We'll also learn some procedural generation along the way!


How to make a Mobile Physics Game in Unity


This series of tutorials will explain thoroughly how to create a Physics based Mobile Game in Unity. It'll be an intermediate tutorial so I'll recommend people with at least basic Unity knowledge join us.

What are the requirements?

  • Unity
  • C# knowledge
  • Passion for games
  • Burning desire to learn

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who would like to build quality mobile games
  • Intermediate Unity Users
  • Just people who are starting in game development

When are the streaming sessions (streaming schedule)?

Daily, 5 pm EST , starting Monday August the 27th until we're finished (should take 2 or 3 days).

Project Outline

Session 1: Intro and Checking installations We need to talk about the game's shallow parts and then check that you're ready to work along.

  • Session 1.1: Overall game description

  • Session 1.2: Setting up the environment for development, adding JDK, Android Studio to Unity

Session 2: Game rules, description and structure We'll talk about all the minutia of the game in depth.

  • Session 2.1: Game description and rules

  • Session 2.2: Code structure for the mobile game

Session 3: Creating the game

We'll create the Unity Project and code everything in these sessions.

  • Session 3.1: Creating the Unity Project and importing assets

  • Session 3.2: Creating prefabs as required, placing objects in the game world.

  • Session 3.3: Coding the ball, hazards and obstacles behavior.

  • Session 3.4: Continuing the previous code

  • Session 3.5: Finalizing and testing, fixing bugs.

Session 4: Exporting to Android and Fine Tuning

We will make sure our game exports as an APK and runs on our phone. Then we'll fine tune several aspects of the game to make it more fun!

  • Session 4.1: Adding Highscore and tuning the random generation, afterwards, Using Unity Remote on an Android phone to test the project on the Unity Editor

  • Session 4.2: Creating and Adding Music and SFX, some UI graphics, Exporting to APK and installing on phone, testing it

Session 5: Recap and conclusions


  • Unity, c#
  • Visual Studio
  • Unity Remote
  • Android phone


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