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LÖVE2D Platformer Game Development


LÖVE2D Platformer Game Development

with rafaelgiordanno|5 years experience|Java

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LÖVE2D Platformer Game Development

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  • Project length: 5h 30m

This is a streaming showcasing my progress with Lua and LÖVE2D. I'll be showing the whole process. I'm a game developer on my spare time but I'm looking to move on to full time. My focus is 2D game development and I have some skills with libGDX, Phaser and Unity with a few jam games released. This is a silent streaming, but If you're looking for ways to support me, just watch the stream and feel free to stop me any time to ask questions and give suggestions. In case this streaming starts to evolve, I'll focus on getting better equipment. Grab your popcorn and enjoy the tons of minigames being made here


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