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RpgLegend - 2D MMORPG


MMORPG Map Data Tools #csharp

with phanxgames|10 years experience|ActionScript

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RpgLegend - 2D MMORPG

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Working on a social media publisher and scheduler for use by my indie game dev studio! Watch as I develop a 2D Retro MMORPG known as RpgLegend! RpgLegend is a Multiplayer 2D Retro MMORPG for the enjoyment of the audience that enjoys the classic retro RPG's of the SNES era. If you wish to support the project, consider donating: Buy me a soda-pop or a pizza (or help me pay my bills)! Support the development of RpgLegend and Phanxgames, any bit helps me keep developing! Thank you!


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