How to create a Modular Login System using Umbraco in ASP.NET MVC

How to create a Modular Login System using Umbraco in ASP.NET MVC

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  • Project length: 3h 38m



This tutorial will cover all the details (resources, tools, languages etc) that are necessary to build and complete and operational Login System Website. You will be guided through all the steps and concepts, starting from the basic ones like: setting up the project and packages, getting introduced to Umbraco. To the more advanced topics related to the development. And ultimately you will be able to create your own Login System Website without a lot of difficulty.

What are the requirements?

  • Databases driven websites
  • Basic MVC
  • Basic C#
  • And the most important is: desire to learn

What is the target audience?

  • You want to learn how to use Umbraco
  • You want to learn how to create custom functionality for Umbraco
  • You want to learn how to integrate with Umbraco's Member's system
  • Learners who want to enhance their knowledge

When are the streaming sessions (streaming schedule)?

Weekly 4PM to 6PM GMT (11AM to 1PM EST) Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Project Outline


  • Visual Studio (I use Community 2017)
  • SQL Server Tools 2017 (Optional)
  • JetBrains ReSharper (Options)


Session 1: Getting Started

Part 1

  • Setting up the programming environment for windows
  • Setting up Umbraco

Part 2

  • Setting up A Site tree structure
  • Creating Template pages for Umbraco


Session 2: Design and Structure

  • Adding html elements to make the site look nicer and to give it function
  • Working on the site's content creator

  • Anything extra that happens during the stream will be added

Sessions will be made for every stream with details on what is covered in each session


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