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How to Build a Search Engine in C++

How to Build a Search Engine in C++

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  • Project length: 7h 03m

In this project tutorial, we are going to build a Search Engine in C++. We are going to focus on both learning some fundamental and important structs and to build a lighting fast fully functional Search Engine.


This tutorial will cover all the details (structs, classes, language tips, etc) that are necessary to build a Search Engine in C++. By watching this tutorial you will learn how to use some structs to achieve lightning fast speeds for your application and you will learn to manage memory correctly and the project structure as well while you learn how to build a functional Search Engine.

What are the requirements?:

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Fundamental knowledge of structs, classes and memory management
  • Desire to learn advanced structs, memory management, and project organization

What is the target audience?:

  • You want to make a nice extended project in C++
  • Understand in depth how memory, classes, and structs work
  • Learn How to build a responsive fast Search Engine

Project Outline

Session 1: Setting up the Environment

  • Contains the requirements and shows the installation guide of the tools and the VM (for Windows users).

    Session 2: Initializing Program Variables

  • Session 2.1: Checking Arguments

Check if the arguments and the file given at the start of the program are correct

  • Session 2.2: Initialising Memory Size

Find out how much memory to allocate according to the given file

Session 3: Initialising Structs

  • Session 3.1: Map Initialisation

Creating the map class/struct useful for accessing fast documents

  • Session 3.2: Explaining trie struct

Show to a whiteboard what a Trie is and why is it so useful

  • Session 3.3: Initialising the Trie

Implementing the Trie functions and initialize it

Session 4 Input Manager

  • Function to redirect the program to different parts according to the input

Session 5: Search functionality.

  • Session 5.1: Search per document

Function to search how many times a word is to a specific document

  • Session 5.2: Search per word

Function to search how many times a word(or more) is present to all the documents

  • Session 5.3: Search Implementation Part1

Main program function, it will search according to a query given and show the best results

  • Session 5.4: Heap Implementation

Implementing the heap in order to sort the results

  • Session 5.5: Search Implementation Part2

Main program function, it will search according to a query given and show the best results, part 2


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    Thank you for this useful tutorial!

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    this is very cool, thank you!

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    thanks man awesome tutorial