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Learn How to build a Transportation Management app (Clients side) in Angular 7 and Spring Boot

Learn How to build a Transportation Management app (Clients side) in Angular 7 and Spring Boot

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  • Project length: 5h 10m

In this advanced Angular and Spring Boot tutorial, I will teach you how to build the customer side and the trip management of a web-based Transportation app. We are going to focus on both learning some fundamentals but also some more advanced practices in order to achieve a functional Logistics Management site.


NOTE: Watch my tutorial on how to build company side of transportation app HERE

This tutorial will cover all the details (syncing between the projects, installation, models entities, etc) that are necessary to build an app in Angular 7 and Spring Boot. By watching this tutorial you will learn how to establish a safe communication between the front end the backend and the server in order to create a functional site.

What are the requirements?:
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Fundamental knowledge of Angular 7 and Spring, routing, project organization, database modeling, etc.
  • Desire to learn how to build a web-based application in worldwide used technologies
What is the target audience?:
  • You want to make a nice extended project in Angular 7 and Spring Boot
  • Learn How to build create a reliable Authentication System
  • Learn How to build connections between entities in Spring
  • Understand in depth how database modeling works and how to connect front-end back-end and server together
  • Learn How to build a reliable Transportation Management app

Project Outline

Session 1: Setting up the Environment

  • Session 1.1: Front-End Back-End Installation

Installing the Angular 7 the Visual Studio Code as well as Spring Boot and eclipse

  • Session 1.2: Server Installation and mini presentation

Installing the server using MySQL workbench installer

  • Session 1.3: Syncing the previous part

Installing the appropriate packages to synchronize with the previous project

Session 2: Customer Service

Writing the front end and the back end of cargo creation and history of sent cargo for the customer

Session 3 Trip Management

  • Session 3.1: Trip Front-End

Writing the front end and services of trip management (get available drivers, trucks get the pending cargo and form to register the trip)

  • Session 3.2: Trip Back-End

Writing the back end of trip management (back-end functions to fetch the drivers, trucks and the cargo to the trip management page and a registration function)

Session 4: Authentication and final demonstration

Writing a basic angular authentication guard service which is supported by secure back-end logic, and a demonstration of the final product


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