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    How to Create a Dating Web App in Node.js

    Watching this project can give you enough impetus to get your hands dirty and begin creating a website like Tinder, Badoo, or OkCupid. I will cover all the details of creating your own dating website—from scratch to a completely functional application.

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    How to create Todo App in React.js

    This tutorial will cover basics of developing a React.js application while creating Todo application. It will include all the details involved during React.js app creation, including tools like Babel, Webpack, libraries like Immutable.js and others.

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    React.js & React Native: Multi-platform app

    # React.js & React Native: Multi-platform app In this stream I'll talk about basics of building an app which will run on multiple platforms. An app I'll be building **decision maker**, so in the end it will allow users to enter and save some options for a decision and randomly pick one option. The major libraries will be React.js and React Native. The correspondent builds will be done by using Webpack 2, which I'll be using for the first time. And we'll include a bit of testing, so we can have our backs covered. Supported platforms include: * Web Browser * Browser Extension * Desktop * Native Mobile: iOS, Android

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