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Better Threaded Performance and Scalability with Intel®VTune


Better Threaded Performance and Scalability with Intel®VTune

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Better Threaded Performance and Scalability with Intel®VTune

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The terms “threading” and “scalability” are not only on the short list of coding buzzwords, they’re absolutely necessary for competitive applications and solutions—from enterprise cloud/network to HPC. Intel® VTune™ Amplifier is a code-profiling tool with a friendly analysis interface that not only provides accurate profiling data, it helps you mine and interpret it. Interested?


Watch now to see demonstrations on:

  • How solutions using OpenMP* 4.0 (which provides new capabilities to achieve explicit SIMD vectorization and threading) can dramatically improve performance on modern processors
  • How Intel VTune Amplifier can help you uncover common performance and scalability issues, and identify whether problems are due to imbalance, lock contention, creation overhead, or scheduling overhead
  • How to use both to optimize performance on the newest Intel® hardware

Presenter: Anoop Madhusoodhanan Prabha

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Anoop Madhusoodhanan Prabha is a Software Engineer in Intel's Software and Services Group. He currently works as a Technical Consulting Engineer on the C/C++ compiler support team. He joined Intel in 2009. Since he joined Intel, he has worked on optimizing various customer applications by enabling multi-threading, vectorization and other micro architectural tunings. He has experience working with OpenMP, Cilk™ Plus, Intel® TBB, CUDA etc.

His current interest is in Processor and GPU architecture, heterogeneous computing and high-performance computing. He has an M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from State University of New York at Buffalo, US.

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