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Introduce Myself ------------------ Hello world again ! I'm Adam (InitialCrow) I do development since 3 years now but I'm really a farmer for this my currently skills are : - HTML/CSS - JAVASCRIPT (5&6) - PHP (5&7) - PYTHON (3&2) - NODEJS (CURRENT) - WEBGL - MYSQL - MONGODB - LARAVEL - WORDPRESS - EXPRESSJS - CODEIGNITER - THREEJS - SYSADMIN This Channel ------------------ On this channel you will see all kind of project it can be videogames 3d or 2d, app, web integration... it depend how its my interest for the current project. I haven't the big head ^^ so if you think i do something bad or you can learn me something don't stay hide say me in the chat it will be a pleasure for me to learn something. I'm french but I do all my stream in English so its very funny when I try to speak English xD, sometimes I do stream in French language for learning session for my friends just check my stream title you can see if the language set to fr or eng. I stream three times by week but it can be more Work together ------------------ if you want to participate of one of my project, cause I love open source go on my github and send me a email. [Github] [Facebook] [LinkedIn] [Home]


English, French