CodeHub social network for developer [React+Redux]


CodeHub social network for developer [React+Redux]

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Hello world Im working on a personal project Codehub(not oficial name) but what is Codehub ? -------------------------------------- Codehub is a social network for developer it work with github api the goal of this app is to : -------------------------------------- - increase your level In code - do your eve easier, - create new project as team or solo - find work for freelance developer - create big comunity of developer -------------------------------------- Yeah now ill introduce litlebit how this point will be realize -------------------------------------- we have social module , a module with wall and like post in wall or in repo list this like facebook like social network we have team module , a module to create team to work on project we have skill level module , a module to rank best developer in give language its like mmorpg exemple : lvl12 in js with 980 xp we have crudfounding module, a module to create kikstarter campain for your future project we have learning module, you want to be teacher your share tips in your language with this module you have some tool to learn to other developer how to code we have tool module , a module to regroup what tool is best at a moment you can now do your eve easier in one page that is the base feature of app a beta will be coming soon to test this when ill finish after ill add work module -------------------------------------- AFTER -------------------------------------- workmodule is a module to freelance developer get work for exemple Im Jhony I m not a developer but I want to create a video game Ill go on this work module and i write my project description after if this porject is validate by CodeHub all developer who is up with language and level of this project begin to work on this project after jhony choose one and developer or teams chosen will be on contact to jhony to finish this. -------------------------------------- FUN AND SHARE HERE -------------------------------------- Im alone on this project so I do the marketing (lol) the design(lol) and the developement of this project so if you want to be in the beta test folower will have priority or if you want follow me go on my github and on my livesteam. -------------------------------------- thanx to support this project and watch me to code stack : react+redux +nodejs


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