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How to Create Simple E-commerce App in React + Redux

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How to create little E-commerce app in REACT + REDUX Create : portal component and implement session

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How to Create Simple E-commerce App in React + Redux

  • English
  • Programming
  • React.jsReact.js
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  • Project length: 15h 12m

With this Tutorial you will see how we can start a little app of E-commerce we will see all points from scratch front (React, Redux, Bootstrap) and back (Node.JS Express 4). we will see a good implementation of REACT + REDUX how can change props with REDUX action (synchronous and asynchronous). We will create a products list with prices and tags with add to cart function and after we will create a back office to manage your stock (remove and add products with redux actions)



Go to this trello to see tutorial advancement:

What are the requirements?

  • Basic HTML/CSS
  • Basic MySQL
  • Basic JavaScript
  • Basic Express 4 Node.JS

What is the target audience?

  • Everyone who wants to learn React and Redux mechanic

Project Outline

The project outline explains what you will learn in each session

-Setting up the programming environment for windows -Setting up the programming environment for mac -Setting up the programming environment for Linux -Introduction to react + redux -Init app -Init server -Init router -Link bootstrap


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