How to create simple E-commerce web app in REACT + REDUX

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How to create little E-commerce app in REACT + REDUX add paypal call api module in our react app to buy product in cart

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How to create simple E-commerce web app in REACT + REDUX

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### Introduce : ---------- With this Tutorial you will see how we can start a little app of E-commerce we will see all points from scratch front (React, Redux, Bootsrap) and back (nodejs Express4) . we will see good implementation of react + redux how can change props with redux action (synchrone and asynchrone) . We will create a products list with prices and tags with add to cart function and after we will create a back office to manage your stock (remove and add products with redux actions) this Stream will be interactive so don't be shy and ask question if you have ----- ### What are the requirements?: ----- This section will cover requirements of programming language, skills viewers should have to understand and follow this tutorial. ---- -HTML/CSS -MYSQL -JAVASCRIPT -BASIC EXPRESS 4 NODEJS --- ### What is the target audience?: ----- This stream is to learn react and redux mecanic ----- ###  When are the streaming sessions (streaming schedule)? ------ -11 am EST on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday -4 pm EST on saturday ---- ### Project Overview: ---- Session 1: Setting-up the Environment ---- -Setting up the programming environment for windows -Setting up the programming environment for mac -Setting up the programming environment for linux -Introduction to react + redux -Init app -Init server -Init router -Link bootsrap -Question time ----- Session 2: For this session we will continue to write front ----- -Create Product List -Create Cart component -Create Nav Component -Question Time ---- Session 3: We will see how we can implement back on our app ----- -Explain difference for back in react app and normal app -Add BDD Shema -Add Redux-thunk -Think API architecture -Implement back data on components -Question Time ---- Session 4: Now we will think good back office to add and manage product. ----- -Write Front for back office -Create components -Question time ---- Session 5: Good we have back office now but is not working. we will plug our backoffice with our webapp ----- -Create db implementation for back office -Create Admin login -Create add Product -Question time ---- Session 6: Upgrade backOffice ----- -Add update product -Add remove product -Add filter on product -Question time ---- Go to this trello to see tutorial advancement : [Click here](


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