A Nicer MEAN Stack

A Nicer MEAN Stack

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We are on our way to becoming REAL programmers. All of you will get to a point when you will be able to identify if you are a programmer, and what that means to you. A very large part of programming is developing software with a team. How do you do efficiently collaborate within a 4 person team? What about a 20 person team? In my weekly streams every Sunday @4, I will introduce you to an enterprise software development cycle using the MEAN stack. More importantly, we will be learning CODE! Yes, I mean, we will actually write real CODE. Angular 2, Loopback, MySQL and Node.js will allow us to build complex and eloquent web applications that we are able to scale to production needs. We will deal with BIG WORDS, new concepts, and learn how to problem solve. I will challenge you all to learn from each other as you learn from the lessons. So why am I doing this? I love programming. I want to share this passion that I have with all of you. I want to knock down the walls that prevent completely capable minds from exploring this skill. I am learning as well! Teaching allows me to grow in my own depth of knowledge and take a break from my daily development tasks. I truly believe that anyone can benefit from this! Even if it’s just learning more about some of the current innovative technologies.


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