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How to create a bot for Bitcoin Trading

How to create a bot for Bitcoin Trading

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  • Project length: 4h 22m

We will successfully cover how to create a Bitcoin trading bot - we'll complete the requirements for a real, live contract from a popular freelancing marketplace in order to create a live trading Bitcoin/USD trading bot on BitMex, using a strategy provided by the online contract issuer.


We will use Python and Node to create a Bitcoin trading bot for trending price momentum indicators - fulfilling the requirements of a real, live contract from a popular freelancing marketplace, then test our software using paper trading (testnet on BitMex) and also forward testing performance and profitability using live funds.

What are the requirements?:

  • Basic cross-language understanding of code (to figure out Python and Node)

  • Understanding of how to read API documentation

  • And the most important is: Don’t Panic!

  • What is the target audience?:

  • You want to learn how to algorithmically trade

  • You have your own ideas for strategies you could automate into Bitcoin trading, but don’t know where to start

  • You’re looking for a new challenge

Project Outline

Session 1: Setting-up the Environment #1 Scope

  • 1.1 Setting boundaries and expectations: the ages-old question of ‘defining scope’

Session 2: Setting-up the Environment #2 Windows - Node

  • 2.1 Setting up the programming environment for windows (Node)

Session 3: Setting-up the Environment #3 Linux - Python

  • 3.1 Setting up the programming environment for linux (Python)

Session 4: Selecting Strategies, Coding Language and Exchange

  • 4.1 Profitability isn’t key here - We also don’t do High Frequency Trading, time-sensitive executions like arbitrage

  • 4.2 What is trending price momentum - how do we select buying and selling signals - Pros/cons of different exchanges

Session 5: Building Web interfaces for our projects

  • 5.1 Simple web interface for reporting/configuration (Express.js)

  • 5.2 Stream specific interlude and overview of coming streams

Session 6 (Offline Recording): Building the Bot

  • 6.1 Using APIs, collecting current and past prices / candles / klines (Node)

  • 6.2 Applying the strategy to the collected data with buy/sell orders

  • 6.3 Updating the graph to track profitability vs. XBT/USD price % change


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    a year ago

    Great series, found the last couple of sections extremely useful. Thanks!