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VR Games History

VR GamesLearn basics of VR Games

Virtual Reality games are games that utilize Virtual reality. VR games are not new. is a great place to start learning or improve your VR games skills with our section dedicated to VR games tutorials and resources. Here you can watch how VR games work. You can also search for VR game topics in our video library. Join the VR games community and improve your career prospects.


VR Games Introduction

Virtual Reality games are games that utilize Virtual reality. VR games are not new. VR games have been around for a while, and companies are pouring massive cash into VR technologies. This lead to recent releases of VR headsets such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and so on.

VR games are the future technology. There are many analysts who say that the hardware needs to evolve more before VR content can be embraced by the general audience. There is a need for the first generation hardware specs to improve, enabling both developers and gamers to take advantages of the new technology.

There are currently VR games being developed by big companies like Sony, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. These companies are also spending millions of dollars to make VR better.

Some of the notable VR games are released on all the platforms. Horror games are one of the best genres to play in VR. Other genres such as car racing, shooting, strategy are equally challenging and entertaining for the end user.

History of VR Games

The history of VR games dates back to 1980’s. The first game that started the concept of VR games is Space Harrier 3D which used the Sega’s VR-Powered Shades. The 2nd VR game that made it into the gaming world by Nintendo in 1995. The Nintendo’s Virtual Boy achieved great financial success in the first quarter but slowly decline. During the 1990s, many new VR games were released -- Red Alert, Teleroboxer, and Mario’s Tennis are some of the examples.

Another even that needs to be mentioned is that of Virtuality Group. In the 90s, they started one of a kind experience when it came to arcade experience. As hardware was not mature at that moment, the headsets were huge and bulky. Players were put in a 3D polygonal world with steering wheels in their hand.

It is from the era of Oculus Rift, that games with high immersion came into existence. Oculus Rift started with a Kickstarter campaign and soon made it into a full-fledged project. Almost all the new AAA titles benefited from Oculus Rift. Games such as Doom 3, Hawken, and Mirror’s Edge can be easily played using the headset. The game changing event is when Facebook decided to buy Oculus for a hefty $2 billion. Facebook didn’t control how Oculus functions, but only provides the financial backing the firm needs for innovation.

After Oculus Rift acquisition by Facebook, Sony also showed that their tech offers real value when it comes to VR games. Their Project Morpheus offered a 3D headset which enabled gamers to enjoy VR games. The PlayStation VR is now a thing and enjoys a good amount of success in the market.

VR Games Tools and Resources

VR games development is one of the best ways to explore your talent. The internet is full of resources, but most of them can be confusing and not well laid-out. If you are a developer looking for VR games tools and resources, then check out the list below.

  • Unity Game Engine Unity game engine is one of the best ways to learn VR or start your companies’ VR app development. It can be mobile, Desktop or console. Unity has grown substantially in the last few years. It has excellent documentation and sample projects to follow and cover.
  • Hi Fidelity Hi Fidelity is an open source software enabling developers to create amazing VR experiences. The software can be used by anyone including entrepreneurs, makers, educators and anyone who is interested in building VR apps.
  • JanusVR A Virtual reality internet browser. The browser enables developers to work on their VR product and explore the diverse world of VR.
  • MozVR MozVR is an initiative by Mozilla. By using MozVR, you get all the tools for VR experiences. It also follows WebVR standards.
  • NVIDIA VRWorks Nvidia provides their own working suite for creating VR. Nvidia VRWorks is a comprehensive suite for libraries, APIs, engines and tools for creating amazing VR experiences.
  • OSVR OSVR is an open standard for creating VR applications. The VR ecosystem is flexible and enables VR customization across different brands. The result is a great VR experience.
  • Unreal Engine Unreal Engine is also a great tool to make VR games. It has a steep learning curve compared to the other engines, but it is worthwhile if you are interested to mastering the craft of VR development.
  • Viro Media offers Viro Media offers tools for developers to create unique VR experiences. The good thing about Viro Media is that they can be used to create cross-platform apps. The apps, once created can be used with Android Cardboard, Gear VR, Daydream, and iOS Cardboard. Viro Media utilizes the react framework under the hood. It also uses a powerful rendered to create the amazing VR visuals and experiences. The tool comes with plenty of documentation and samples.
  • Google Cardboard If you are learning VR, Google Cardboard is a good way to get started because it is a cheap hardware and is excellent for smaller projects. However, the Google cardboard does have limitations. You can get started with Google Cardboard by visiting the developer page on Google VR website. There you can find tutorials for Android, Unity - Android/iOS, and other platforms.
  • InstaVR InstaVR can be used to create VR apps for different platforms. It is a great tool for companies who are looking to market their services using the tool. The free version of this tool lets you handle basic projects of your own, but if you are serious about making VR apps for mobile, then you need to get the PRO or Enterprise version.

VR Games headsets

There are plenty of VR games headsets in the market. Let’s look at them below.

  • Oculus Rift: Oculus Rift is one of the best VR headset in the market. With readily available developer kits and SDK, you can easily build games for the Oculus Rift. One of the drawbacks of Oculus Rift is the cost associated with it. You also need to spend 200$ more on getting the Oculus controllers.
  • HTC Vive/Stream VR: Just like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive is very popular. It comes with all the accessories that you will need to make it work out of the box. No need to spend more than the initial price tag. Developers can also make use of the headset to make games for it. Readily available information and vast HTC Vive community enable anyone to start developing VR apps.
  • Google Daydream View: Google Daydream View is one of the best Mobile VR headsets out there. The VR headset is attractive, lightweight and is well-designed. It also comes with tons of apps to try. It is also cheap and can be yours for only $79.
  • Google Cardboard: A simple cardboard headset that is readily available for anyone to try out mobile VR without spending a fortune. It supports big phones and falls under the category of low-cost, DIY VR headset. You can purchase it for around $5.
  • Samsung Gear VR: Samsung VR headset is also a good mobile VR headset. It is extremely comfortable and can be a good choice for anyone who wear glasses. The VR headset can easily be used for watching TV shows and short films.

Education Ecosystem VR Games Project Creators

If you are wondering where to get started to learn VR, then our recommendation will be to watch VR streams on Education Ecosystem. Let’s list the top 5 VR Project Creators on Education Ecosystem.

Project Creators!

VR Games Best Books

Learning VR Games is always a fun activity. The books consist of tons of VR Games tutorials. It is used for building user interfaces.All the books offers practical knowledge and offers amazing react js examples. The books are categorized into three sections, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

  • Book cover

    The Virtual Reality Homebrewer's Handbook

    by Robin Hollands

    This complete, do-it-yourself kit is crammed with construction projects and easy-to-use software for creating realistic virtual worlds with a minimum of equipment. The package includes 26 illustrated projects for building the basic VR hardware, from head-trackers and head-mounted displays to the 6D joystick and glove.

  • Book cover

    Unity Virtual Reality Projects

    by Jonathan Linowes

    If you're a non-programmer unfamiliar with 3D computer graphics, or experienced in both but new to virtual reality, and are interested in building your own VR games or applications then this book is for you. Any experience in Unity is an advantage.

  • Book cover

    Virtual Reality Insider: Guidebook for the VR Industry

    by Sky Nite

    This book is for the industry veteran, it is the perfect book to stir up new ideas and see how the big picture fits together. For newcomers to VR, it is the fastest way to catch up on what is happening and figure out how to apply your skills.

VR Games Projects

The best way to learn is to evolve yourself with Projects. Let’s look at some of the best VR Games projects that you can follow. You can also find VR games projects on Education Ecosystem. If you are interested in finding VR games projects and tutorials, check the Education Ecosystem VR Project Creators section for more information.

Puzzle VR lets the user solve puzzles in VR. To play the game, you need a cardboard and mobile capable of doing VR.

Explore this project!

Programmer Hero is a simple clone of Guitar Hero and can be played in VR. It is completely written using Haskell programming language.

Explore this project!

Annwvyn is an open source technology that enables the free creation of applications using VR headsets. The engine supports HTC VIve and Oculus Rift. The engine is built using C++ game engine.

Explore this project!

StreamVR Launcher is a custom steam launcher that can be used for the VR games.

Explore this project!

Bullet is a Physics SDK for multi--physics simulation and real-time collision detection.

Explore this project!

VR Games Community

Virtual Reality is the future of technology. That’s why there are plenty of communities online that you can use for the purpose of the enriching your learning or networking. Google VR community is the best community to hang out. You can follow Google VR blog to learn a lot about VR in general.

Education Ecosystem also offers the opportunity for VR developers and learners to network and find useful VR content. You can follow them and learn a lot. You can also check Education Ecosystem Blog to know more about the VR Games and other VR related information.

VR Gurus

  • Daniel Corey

    Daniel Corey

    Daniel Corey is the author of the RedCity and Moriarty for ImageComics. His company focuses on creating graphic novels that can fully utilize the power of Virtual reality.

  • Eva Hoerth

    Eva Hoerth is a virtual reality design researcher and community builder at Ratlab. She strongly believes that VR has a lot of potentials and there is a long way to go.

    Eva Hoerth
  • Jaron Zepel

    Jaron Zepel

    Jaron Zepel Lanier is an American computer philosophy writer, computer scientist, visual artist, and composer of classical music. A pioneer in the field of virtual reality (a term he is credited with popularizing, Lanier and Thomas G. Zimmerman left Atari in 1985 to found VPL Research, Inc., the first company to sell VR goggles and gloves.

  • John D. Carmack

    John D. Carmack (born August 20, 1970) is an American game programmer, aerospace, and virtual reality engineer. He co-founded id Software. Carmack was the lead programmer of the id video games Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, Rage and their sequels.

    John D. Carmack
  • Char Davies

    Char Davies

    Char Davies (born 1954) is a Canadian contemporary artist known for creating immersive virtual reality (VR) artworks. A founding director of Softimage, Co, she is considered a world leader in the field of virtual reality and a pioneer of bio-feedback VR

VR Games Conferences

As there are a lot of mobile VR content developed every year, Conferences are held every year. One of the most popular mobile conferences are the Mobile VR: Enhancing the Entertainment Experience. Vision Summit also offers a good glimpse of VR world. It also covers AR as both fields are mutual in many ways. Another big conference where VR is a part is the GDC conference.