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Web App Design History

Web App DesignLearn basics of Web App Design

Web app design has become popular than ever, with a lot of web app being introduced for different purposes. Some of the most popular web apps include Facebook app and Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram app and much more. is a place to start your career as a web app designer. It offers great tutorials from experts. Search for web app design streamers on and learn from the best.


Web App Design Introduction

Web app design has become popular than ever, with a lot of web app being introduced for different purposes. Some of the most popular web apps include Facebook app and Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram app and much more. Almost any website you find today have an app to access the site, with the mobile app being popular because of the high number of mobile users. The mobile app allows the client or user interface to run in a web browser.

Web app design is a lucrative career for a web app designer because the need for web applications is ever on the increase. People are alway thinking and innovating new ideas but these thinkers in most cases are missing something which is web app design skill. Thus they will have to turn to web app design experts to do the job. That is where you come in. With new ideas and project coming up daily, you can become a professional web app designer and start ripping your share out of the market.

Web App Design History

Web app design can be traced back to 1989 which started from web design. During these years, a lot of things changed. At the start, things were pretty dark because screens were literarily dark and only a few monochrome pixels was available back then. Designs were made by symbols and tabulation.

The first attempt to make web real-time was the use of Java applets. Yahoo messenger was one of the first application for those who were grown up before the 90s. After the use of Java applet was the introduction of real-time functionality framework, Flash and ActiveX plugins which were used for consumers as well as enterprise. In 1995, Netscape and Sun partnered to release Netscape bundle and Java runtime with its browser. This mark the beginning of interactive web application. In that same year, Netscape came out with a new scripting language called JavaScript and Future Wave Software started working on an animation software called Futuresplash Animation.

Web App Design Tools

Tools are the gateway to delivering a good job. But to get results you don’t work with just any tool, you need the right tool for the job. We are going to list five best web app design tool you can use for learning web app design. These tools are not just the best tools but recent tools.

  • Invision app: Invision is the world's leading prototyping, collaboration and workflow platform. This tool allows you to upload your design files, add animations, gesture and transitions to transform your static screens into clickable, interactive prototypes. It also allows seamless design communication and best of all, it's free.
  • Macaw: Macaw is a tool built for modern web app designers. Macaw is a tool that offers flexibility like an image editor but also writes semantic HTML and CSS. Its design environment is powered by a real-time layout engine called stream and allows an element to be manipulated in a way similar to image editor like Adobe Photoshop
  • Avocode: This is an awesome tool for designers to share and inspect Photoshop and Sketch designs with developers in a heartbeat. This tool bridges the gap between coding and design by allowing designers to open PSD and Sketch designs to generate CSS, Swift, Android, and React Native straight from layers and export images, colors fonts, styles, sizes, and measurements.
  • Form: Relative wave form is an another prototyping tool. This is an app with mixed design and code. The tool does not give you the option to created graphics, but you can insert graphics and use with form call patches to add gestures and interactions. The prototyping is faster with this tool as you are allowed to run designs natively on the device at 60 FPS. You can also share a document directly from the form viewer app without the need for laptop or desktop computers. Finally, you can build custom components, pull in live data, and prototype in new ways.
  • Atomic: Atomic is a prototyping tool for web designers. It allows users to design from scratch or import designs from sketch or Photoshop. Its core features include rapid prototyping, interactions and animations, conditional behaviors, data-driven interfaces, collaboration and sharing and more.
  • Affinity Designer: It is impossible to talk about web design without graphic design coming in. This tool gives web designers the option to work with both pixels and vectors interchangeably. You can also control the position or size of an object to its container. This is important for working with devices of different sizes.

Education Ecosystem Web App Design Project Creators

We have thousands of amazing Project Creators on Education Ecosystem who are experts, who every day do anything web app design. Education Ecosystem Project Creators have been helping a lot of people in the community on web app design reviews, fixing design problems and building products from scratch.

Let us introduce to you top five web app design Project Creators on Education Ecosystem. These are experts with years of experience who can guide you through your web app design career.

Project Creators!

Web App Design Best Books

The best way to start learning Web App Design is to read books and stream Web App Design projects on Education Ecosystem. There is an increased demand for web app in the market which has to be satisfied by designers. You too can take your share in designers market, but first you need to be fully competent for the task. There is no better way to get started than owning a personal book that will help you kickstart your career in web app design.

  • Book cover

    Web Application Design Handbook (1st Edition)

    by Susan Fowler, Victor Stanwick

    This book teaches about the standards for web usability and interaction design for web sites and web app. It is a handbook for web application design that describe the essential widget and development that will lead you to the right design solutions for your web app.

  • Book cover

    Designing Web Applications

    by Nathan Barry

    This book takes you through the Nathan's approach to design, creating easy to use web applications. It also takes you through design flow to help you optimize your web app for fewest clicks, but also for a mental model that is quick to understand. This book will also teach you to follow design process by focusing on user experience before you start styling any application.

  • Book cover

    Single Page Web Applications: JavaScript end-to-end 1st Edition

    by Michael Mikowski

    In this book, you will learn how to build modern browser-based apps that take advantage of stronger client platform and more predictable bandwidth. You will also learn the SPA design approach and then start exploring new techniques like structured JavaScript and NoSQL data stores, as well as new frameworks that make JavaScript more manageable and testable as a first-class language.

  • Book cover

    Web Application Design Patterns (Interactive Technologies)

    by Pawan Vora

    Design patterns for web applications, similar in concept to those for web sites and software design, offer an effective solution. In Web Application Design Patterns, Pawan Vora documents design patterns for web applications by not only identifying design solutions for user interaction problems, but also by examining the rationale for their effectiveness, and by presenting how they should be applied.

  • Book cover

    SPA Design and Architecture: Understanding Single Page Web Applications

    by Emmit Scott

    SPA Design and Architecture teaches you the design and development skills you need to create SPAs. Includes an overview of MV* frameworks, unit testing, routing, layout management, data access, pub/sub, and client-side task automation. This book is full of easy-to-follow examples you can apply to the library or framework of your choice.

  • Book cover

    Universal Design for Web Applications: Web Applications That Reach Everyone

    by Wendy Chisholm

    Universal Design for Web Applications teaches you how to build websites that are more accessible to people with disabilities and explains why doing so is good business. It takes more work up front, but the potential payoff is huge -- especially when mobile users need to access your sites.

  • Book cover

    Professional Java for Web Applications

    by Nicholas S. Williams

    This guide shows Java software developers and software engineers how to build complex web applications in an enterprise environment. You'll begin with an introduction to the Java Enterprise Edition and the basic web application, then set up a development application server environment, learn about the tools used in the development process, and explore numerous Java technologies and practices. The book covers industry-standard tools and technologies, specific technologies, and underlying programming concepts.

  • Book cover

    Write Modern Web Apps with the MEAN Stack: Mongo, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js (Develop and Design)

    by Jeff Dickey

    Traditionally, web applications have been architected so that the back-end houses all the front-end code. This has resulted in heavy projects that are difficult to manage and scale. This book will explain a new way to write web applications by treating the front-end as if it were a third-party (such as a mobile client). This book, written by a practicing MEAN developer, will take a holistic approach to using the MEAN JavaScript platform for creating modern web applications and lay out how to use the MEAN (Mongo, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js) set of tools to create a web application, from installation and setup of the tools to debugging and deploying your app. After an introduction to how web development is changing and the advantages of using the MEAN stack, the author jumps into an introduction to each tool and then dives into using the complete JavaScript-based application stack to build, test, and deploy apps.

  • Book cover

    Node.js: Creating Applications from Scratch

    by Joshua Johana, Fernando Monteiro, Sandro Pasquali

    If you’ve programmed before but has never used Node.js, this course is for you. It is also great for anyone who has used Node.js but never tried Redis or The assumption is that the viewer is familiar with JavaScript. We will not spend any time on discussing features of the language. The reader should also have some knowledge of websites and how HTTP works. This doesn’t have to be in-depth knowledge.

Web App Design Projects

There is no way you can improve a skill without practicing what you’ve learned. As a student of web app design, one way to practice what you’ve learned is to get involved in projects to learn from experts and start working your way to becoming an expert.

There are millions of project online for you to join to strengthen your skill. We will list five web app design project and you can pick one from the list.

A web design, UI/UX, and branding project with over 7000 followers. It is a recent project which was published on the 2nd of June so you can be sure of getting the latest trend from this project.

Explore this project!

Mireia Ferrer is a branding, graphic design and web design project by Mireia Ferrer, Global coach Branding & Website. This project has over 9000 followers with most of its followers giving an excellent feedback. You can join the project and start enjoying what followers are already enjoying. You can also share your designs here to get feedback on your performance.

Explore this project!

This is a web design, UI/X, and interaction design project. It was published on the 8th of June with over 3000 followers. This project covers the goal of a designer which is to listen, observe, understand, sympathize and glean insight that enables him to make the invisible visible. The followers on this project are super active, giving feedback.

Explore this project!

Another web, UI/UX, and branding project with over 1500 followers. This project is on an awesome website for data migration, data backup, data recovery and data storage. You just need to check out this awesome project and the feedback followers are leaving. If you want to learn from the best, then join this project right away.

Explore this project!

This is a Education Ecosystem fun project whose goal is to build a social networking web app that allows auto enthusiasts to network with each other in various ways. The languages involved in the project include Client Side Code-Swift Backend Server-Parse Server (Express + Node.JS)

Explore this project!

Web App Design Community

The web app design communities is a massive one. There are unlimited community you can be part of to learn from experts and see how things are being done.

  • is a multi-community for web designers, app designer web app designers as well as graphic designers.
  • Best Community Website Need design inspiration? Best community website is the right community to join. It has many gallery of designs you can draw inspiration from
  • Education Ecosystem Here you can find all the awesome Project Creators who love to share their knowledge and opinion about web app designs. There are many experts on Education Ecosystem you can learn from.

Web App Design Gurus

  • Jeff Dickey

    Jeff Dickey

    He is not just an expert, but a tutor and a writer in the field of web app design. “His book Write Modern Web Apps with the MEAN Stack” Explains new way to write web applications by treating the front-end as if it were a third party. Of course, he is an authority in the field of web app design.

  • Lori Beckstead

    Lori Beckstead an associate professor and director of the Allan Slaight Radio Institute, RTA school of media. She is also an expert in web design, interactive art, radio industry sound art and sound for film and television expert.

    Lori Beckstead
  • Daianne Cyr

    Daianne Cyr

    Daianne Cyr: is a professor of Management Information Systems, Simon Fraser University. She's an expert in web design, web design across cultures and website design and user trust.

  • Michael Mikowski

    Mike is an award-winning industrial designer and SPA architect with 13 years experience as a full-stack web developer and architect. He spent four years as development manager for an HP/HA platform that served hundreds of millions of requests per day from two large Linux clusters. He currently works as a UI architect, consultant, and Director of UX engineering.

    Michael Mikowski
  • Nathan Barry

    Nathan Barry

    Nathan Barry has worked on building iPhone apps, writing books and coding websites. He started as a web and software designer and became obsessed with the world of audience building and book publishing. He has written three books, "The App Design Handbook", "Designing Web Application and “Authority

Web App Design Conferences

There are numerous benefits from attending conferences in your field. As an aspirant of web app design, you are no different. There are many conferences you can attend for educational opportunity, networking with fellow designers or just to have fun. Below are five upcoming web app design conferences.