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Logo design History

Logo designLearn basics of Logo design

Logo design is the Art of creating a unique identity for a company or brand. Logo design is a very important aspect of creating an identity, a brand, and marketing. is a good place to begin your career of logo design. At, we have expert live streamers who will teach you in the best way, and help you from beginners level to expert level. You can easily find logo design projects to join on


Logo Design Introduction

Logo design is the Art of creating graphic mark or symbol for identification of an entity. Logo design is a dynamic and exciting branch of graphic design. There is a need for every serious business to have a nice symbol that represents it as a strategy for effective branding.

Logo design is considered one of the most lucrative careers with attractive perks for people with imaginative, creative and graphic design skills. People who know how to design logos perfectly are always on demand for their skills.

The beauty of logo design is that you don’t need a college degree to master the art of designing great logos. As long as you have a little bit of imagination, creativity, interest, and self-assurance, you can become a great designer and land awesome projects always.

Learning logo design with the help of Education Ecosystem community enables you to become a great designer with cutting-edge design skills. Our videos on design tutorials and project are divided into three levels, (the beginner, intermediate, and expert). All these combined with daily live streams provided by our experienced designers will take your design skills to the next level.

Logo Design History

The history of Logo design can be dated traced back to the time of ancient Egyptians, where they inscribe signs on their animals for identification. They have signs/symbols to represent gods, pharaohs as well as to convey story and meanings to people. Over the years, signs, symbol or logo whatever you may call it have evolved. The Greeks made an extensive use of symbols in their time. Symbols were used in Mathematical equations, shields for battle and the one closest to our modern day logo usage are the signs on their coin. Symbols have been used for different purposes, like education, commerce as well as military operation. In our day, we have the highest demand for Logo. Everyone wants to create a brand which cannot be done properly without proper Logo design.

Logos has existed in one form or another for thousands of years. Let's go through some important changes that took place in modern day logo design.

Logo design in modern times began during the rise of Modernist movement in the US in the year 1950. The three designers who were considered as pioneers of the movement and of Logo and corporate identity designs are Chermyayeff and Geismar, Paul Rand and Saul Bass. They were responsible for Logo of top brands such as IBM, UPS, ABC, AT&T Corporation, Continental Airlines, Library of Congress, Armin Exchange, Chase Bank, Mobile Oil, PBS, NBC, National Geographic, and others.

Logo Design Tools

Selecting the right tools will help you gain an upper hand and ensure that you do a great job when it comes to the art of designing logos. Using the right tools will make the design process easy, seamless and efficient for you. Check out the tools we recommend below for your logo design learning and work.

  • Canva: Canva is an amazing logo design tool. It allows you to create a professional logo in minutes without having to download a software. Canva is an online tool with a photo editor, color palette and font combination. With this tool, you don't need to have any previous design experience to create your logo. You can create logos in few steps which are; create an account to get started, choose from a library or professionally-designed templates, upload you won graphics or choose from any of Canva's free elements, fix your images, edit text or add stunning filters and finally save and share your logo.
  • Adobe Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop is an incredible logo design tool for all levels of logo design. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find this software quite helpful for every type of designing task. It comes handy with tools that will make your work a lot easier and fun, including color levels, artistic filters, alpha masks, textures and much more.
  • Free Logo Design: This is yet another logo design tool. Free Logo Design is a popular online logo design tool which allows you to create a logo in minutes. It is a free tool intended to serve entrepreneurs, small businesses, and freelancers. This tool allows you to create your logo in four simple steps which are: Choose a name for your business, choose a template from thousands of templates, customize your logo by changing the color, shape, and font, and finally, downloading your free logo.
  • Logomaker: If you still can’t find your favorite logo design tool among the first three, Logomaker is another great option with brilliant designing, editing as well as illustration capabilities. It’s loaded with efficient tools that can help you create professional quality logos in a matter of minutes.
  • Designmantic: Are you looking for the fastest way to get your logo ready? If yes, then this is the right tool for you. Designmantic is a logo design tool that contains all you need for logo design, branding, and marketing. Some of its features include thousands of templates to choose from, customize fonts, colors, and symbols.

Education Ecosystem Logo Design Project Creators

As you know, we have amazing designers on Education Ecosystem who every day do anything graphic design. Education Ecosystem Project Creators have been helping a lot of people in the community doing graphic design reviews, fixing design problems and building products from scratch.

If you are wondering how to get started with logo design, then the best course of action is to watch logo design Project Creators on Education Ecosystem.

Project Creators!

Logo Design Best Books

There are plenty of logo design books available online. The best way to start learning Logo design is to read books and stream Logo design projects on Education Ecosystem So, why the wait? Let’s go through the best books for learning logo design. The books are categorized into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. So pick the book that best suits you.

  • Book cover

    Logo, Font & Lettering Bible

    by Leslie Cabarga

    In this book, you'll learn how to create innovative logo design traditionally and on the computer, develop a discerning eye for quality lettering and logo design, design your own custom-made fonts, and build a profitable business as a logo, font and lettering designer.

  • Book cover

    Logo Design Love: A Guide To Creating Iconic Brand Identities

    by David Airey

    Rated as one of the best logo design books for beginners available today, Logo Design Love breaks down the subject matter into basics, providing comprehensive knowledge a beginner needs to learn logo design.

  • Book cover

    Logo Modernism

    by Jens Muller & R. Roger Remington

    If you are looking to learn how to design a logo but you don’t know where to start, Logo Modernism is a great place to begin. This is an incredible resource that will help you learn cutting-edge design skills from scratch, making a successful designer out of you.

  • Book cover

    Los Logos 7

    by R.Klanten

    This is a reliable resource for advanced designers who would like to become gurus in their area of specialization. The undisputed reference on contemporary logo design provides cutting-edge insights into the latest innovations and the coming trends in the field of graphics design. With an unparalleled selection of cutting-edge example intelligently arranged according to style or motif, Los Logos 7 is quite a practical handbook for advanced designers.

  • Book cover


    by Michael Evamy

    Learn the subtle nuances of creating brilliant logos with this topnotch advanced designers’ book. It is an indispensable handbook,providing valuable insights to every intermediate designer who wishes to take their professional skills to new heights.The book features some of the most outstanding identity designers around the globe.

  • Book cover

    Logo Design

    by Julius Wiedemann

    Logo Design by Wiedemann is another great resource for advanced logo design learners. It features work and cutting-edge insights from both star names and lesser-known mavericks,allowing you to advance your skills effectively by learning from a diverse range of logo design professionals.

Logo Design Projects

The best way to learn is to get yourself involved with projects. You can find multiple design projects on Education Ecosystem. If you are interested in those, check the Education Ecosystem logo design Project Creators’ section for more information.

A logo project that focuses on animals. This project contains several works of different animal logos, all of which are awesome. There over 269K followers on this project. You can join this project and get this multitude to give you feedback when you finally start your project.

Explore this project!

A branding, graphic design, and Illustration project of fantastic logos. This project has over 25,000 followers who are also dropping their works to get feedback from fellow designers. You can join this project to learn from fellow designers as well as share your project to get feedback.

An Art direction, graphic design, and branding project with over 5000 followers. I was created on April 10, 2017, and followers have been able to give and get feedbacks from experts.

Explore this project!

A branding, Art direction, and graphic design project. This project has over 4000 people following. The logo designs are professional and awesome. You can learn from the designer and follow some of his other projects as well.

Join a live streaming project and learn from an expert on Education Ecosystem

Explore this project!

Logo Design Community

The logo design community is big. There are plenty of online places where you can find a community and become part of it. Let’s list some of them below.

  • Big Data Community Group A team of professional logo designers. Join this team to follow their projects on logo designs.
  • Join one of the oldest and largest graphic design forums,hosting tens of thousands members. Graphic design forum is a very active and very large community, which consists of some of the most talented logo designers the world has never seen.
  • Education Ecosystem Here you can find all the awesome Project Creators who love to share their knowledge and opinion about the subject matter.

Logo Design Gurus

  • Sergey Kovalenko

    Sergey Kovalenko

    An artists and designer from belarus. He's an expert in logo design illustration, icon, identity, branding, lettering, and logotype.

  • Paul Saksin

    A logo design expert with graphic design skills as well as lettering, typography, calligraphy, identity, branding, packaging and web skills.

    Paul Saksin
  • Rich Baird

    Rich Baird

    A logo and brand identity designer who's written for The Dieline, Brand New, Design Week & runs BP&O, and LogoArchive.

  • Carlos Puentes

    A Logo design expert, master illustrator and creative collaborator. Her skills include logo design, web design, illustration, icon design, and character design.

    Carlos Puentes
  • Erik Spiekermann

    Erik Spiekermann

    He is a renowned German designer and typographer who lives and breathes graphic design. Spiekermann has worked on numerous logo design projects some of which have won awards and he is very opinionated on the subject.

Logo Design Conferences

As logo design is a trending topic in the market, there are many conferences out there that you can attend. Let’s list some of the best logo design conferences out there.