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Self Driving Car History

Self Driving CarLearn basics of Self Driving Car

Self-Driving Cars are cars of the future. A career in self-driving cars is a promising one because a lot of companies are investing heavily in it. is a platform where you can find tutorials and resources to improve your knowledge and skills in self-driving cars. We have Premium projects and video library where you can find interesting projects. Become a part of this community and start learning!


Self-Driving Cars Introduction

A self-driving car is a car that can sense its surrounding and navigate without any human input. Self-driving cars are also known as autonomous cars, driverless cars, or robotic cars. Autonomous cars have already been allowed on the roads, but fully-autonomous cars are yet to be authorized. Currently, cars are semi-automated and require human control.

Autonomous cars work with the use of different technologies including laser light, GPS, computer vision, radar, etc. There are many challenges in the field and research is going in full-flow from the best researchers in the industry. Many companies are also investing heavily in the Self-driving cars as it might give them the opportunity to dominate the market. There is also a legal framework surrounding the fair-use of self-driving cars. Security concerns have also been there for self-driving cars.

History of Self-Driving Cars

Self-Driving cars history dates back to the 1920s when experiments were conducted on automated cars. The first promising trial took place in the 1950s. However, no big advancement took place for the next three decades. The first self-sufficient cars appeared in the 1980s. Two big projects were carried out, one by the Carnegie Mellon University’s Navlab and ALV and the other project was done by Bundeswehr University Munich’s EUREKA Prometheus Project and Mercedes-Benz. From then, the era of self-driving cars started which lead many companies to start investing in the technology and intensive research and development of self-driving cars. Big companies like General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Continental Automotive Systems, Bosch, Renault, Nissan, Audi, Tesla Motors, and others started investing heavily in the field. Google made a lot of impact on the self-driving cars and released their self-driving car in 2015.

Self-Driving Cars Tools

Just like any subfield of artificial intelligence, Self-driving cars is huge and requires the right tools to work efficiently and effectively. These tools will help you gain an advantage and make work easy. Let us list the best self-driving cars tools out there. We will only focus on open source tools because they are easy to acquire.

  • Open Source Self-Driving Car Initiative OSSDCI is a full-stack open source software and hardware that enables anyone to build a toy to full-fledged self-driving cars.
  • Nvidia Drive PX2 Nvidia is also very active in the self-driving car field. Their open AI, car computing platform, enables tier 1 suppliers and automakers to accelerate their autonomous and automated vehicles production.
  • Autoware Autoware is a complete package to create autonomous cars. It is maintained by Tier IV and offers open-source software for urban autonomous driving.
  • Openpilot: Openpilot is an open source driving agent and performs functions of Lane Keeping Assist System(LKAS) and Adaptive Cruise Control(ACC).
  • Stanford Driving Software: The Stanford Driving Software is an infrastructure for the Stanford’s Autonomous Vehicles.

Self-Driving Cars Project Creators

If you are wondering where to get started to learn Self-driving cars, then I will recommend the best way is to watch streams on Education Ecosystem. Let’s list the top 5 self-driving Project Creators on Education Ecosystem.

Project Creators!

Self-Driving Best Books

There are plenty of self-driving books available online. The best way to start learning self-driving is to invest in the books. So, why the wait? Let’s go through the best books for learning self-driving. The books are categorized into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. So pick the book that best suits you.

  • Book cover

    Self-Driving Cars (True Bookengineering Wonders)

    by Katie Marsico

    Most people spend a lot of time driving. But what if they could simply choose a destination and relax, not needing to pay attention to speed limits, traffic, or other worries on the road? Some of today's most forward-thinking engineers are working to make this idea a reality with self-driving cars. Readers will learn all about the technology behind these technological marvels and find out how self-driving cars could become the next big thing in transportation.

  • Book cover

    Self-Driving Car (Tech Bytes)

    by Stephen Currie

    Self Driving Cars offer new alternatives to the way we look at driving. From advances in computers, cameras, and technologies; Self Driving cars offer many benefits to drivers and passengers. Correlates with STEM instruction. Includes glossary, websites, and bibliography for further reading.

  • Book cover

    What Is the Future of Self-Driving Cars? (The Future of Technology)

    by Stephanie Watson

    Cars that drive themselves might seem like the stuff of science fiction. Yet much of the technology needed to steer cars through traffic, avoid other vehicles, and carry passengers safely to their destinations is already here. Within a few years, people may be able to turn complete control of driving over to their vehicles.

Self-driving Car Projects

The best way to learn is to get involved with Projects. Let’s take a look at some of the best autonomous car projects that you can follow. You can also find autonomous car projects on Education Ecosystem. If you are interested, check the Education Ecosystem autonomous Project Creators section for more information.

Waymo is the Google self-driving car project. According to them, Waymo stands for a new way forward in mobility. The project started in 2009.

Explore this project!

This is an open source project for self-driving cars by Udacity. The project aims to build the world’s first open source autonomous vehicle. To help you, they have broken down the project into multiple problems that you can solve.

Explore this project!

Tesla is at the frontier of the self-driving cars. They not only program the self-driving car, but they also develop self-driving car hardware.

Explore this project!

Just like other big companies, Mercedes-Benz are also interested in creating self-driving cars. You can follow their project to understand a lot about self-driving cars.

Explore this project!

Nissan is a key player in the self-driving cars.

Explore this project!

Self-driving cars Community

The community for autonomous vehicles is big. There are plenty of websites to find a community and become part of it. Let’s list some of them below.

  • Self-driving cars Reddit

    Reddit has a good community surrounding self-driving cars. You can find latest news, advancement and clever opinion pieces on the subject.

  • Education Ecosystem

    Here you can find all the awesome Project Creators who love to share their knowledge about Machine learning.

Self-Driving Cars Gurus

  • Sebastian Thrun

    Sebastian Thrun is a scientist, robotics expert, educator from the land of Germany. His major work includes working on the self-driving car and creating Udacity, the home of online learning. Earlier, he worked as a Google VP and has also been a Computer science professor at Stanford University.

    Sebastian Thrun
  • Zoubin Ghahramani

    Zoubin Ghahramani

    Zoubin Ghahramani is a British-Iranian researcher and is currently working as a professor at the University of Cambridge. He is extremely active in academics and has been awarded a double major degree in Computer Science and Cognitive Science in 1990.

  • Geoffrey Everest Hinton

    Geoffrey Everest Hinton is a computer scientist and cognitive psychologist. He divides his work between the University of Toronto and Google.

    Geoffrey Everest Hinton
  • Jeffrey Hawkins

    Jeffrey Hawkins

    Jeffrey Hawkins is a well-known entity in Machine learning. He is the founder of the Palm Computing and Handspring. He works surround neuroscience and use of machine learning. He is also well known for his prediction framework theory of the brain.

  • John J. Leonard

    John J. Leonard is a Mechanical and Ocean Engineering professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is from America and also a member of MIT and CSAIL. He is known for his work in simultaneous localization and mapping.

    John J. Leonard

Self-driving cars Conferences

As autonomous cars is a trending topic in the market, there are many conferences out there that you can attend. Let’s list some of the best autonomous cars conferences out there.