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Project Quality Check

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Suggest a Project

Participants in the ecosystem whether they be new viewers or existing token holders are hoping to improve their career skills in future technologies like:

  • general-programming


  • general-gamedev

    Game Development

  • general-data-science

    Data Science

  • general-design


  • general-ai

    Artificial Intelligence

  • general-crypto


  • general-cybersecurity


Suggest awesome projects and earn LEDU

How the system works

  • If the project meets our criteria and is relevant to the job market today then it may be accepted and you can earn LEDU for your suggestion

  • If the project suggestion doesn’t meet the criteria then it may be rejected.

  • ledu

    Once a suggested project is created by a project creator then the participant who suggested it will be rewarded with LEDU.

How to Suggest a Project

The first step is to submit your project suggestion. Click "Suggest a project" button to get started.

Some of the things which your suggestion should answer are:

1. What will viewers learn from this project?
2. How will this project help viewers in their careers?



Level 1

Level 1 which carries with it a reward of 1000 LEDU per accepted suggestion

Level 2

Participants are elevated to Level 2 after 20 accepted project suggestions, which carries with it a reward of 1500 LEDU per accepted suggestion


Create a Project

Project creators selected for projects have vast, real industry experience, with at least four years in their field. They love teaching and sharing their skills to train and educate the next generation to improve their practical career skills.

  • Subscriber


    Simply watch and learn

  • Creator

    Project creators

    Can earn more LEDU by building interesting projects.


1. First of all, check for our weekly announcements of projects to create

As our team and community does research and suggests projects we will seek out project creators to bring these projects to life. Each project will have a LEDU reward amount attached to it. If your project is selected then you will earn this reward. You can join other project creators on Education Ecosystem and create projects like these:


2. The second step is to apply to do a project and become a project creator.

The project creator who submits the earliest and best project as determined by our project acquisition team will be awarded the project and be declared winner of the LEDU reward prize.

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Project Quality Check

Site moderators on Education Ecosystem are independent bounty hunters who conduct quality assurance checks. Quality assurance encompasses reporting bugs, technical streaming issues, video quality issues and content moderation. They are rewarded with LEDU tokens for carrying out site moderation weekly.

How to Become a Site Moderator

1. Prospective site moderators will first need to apply by submitting Site Moderator Application Form

To qualify as a site moderator an applicant should first share the passion and vision for Education Ecosystem so that they can explain why they would make a great moderator. The applicant should have experience in a category on our platform. Having experience in quality assurance is a bonus.


2. Interviewing

After an application is received qualified applicants will interviewed and then notified if they are selected.


Level 1

Site moderators will be rewarded 50 LEDU tokens for each confirmed quality issue. Rewards are accumulated and moderators are paid at the end of each month.

Level 2

Site moderator performance is evaluated monthly and a moderator must maintain active status to continue receiving LEDU rewards. Once 80% of quality issues reported each month are confirmed as real issues by our quality assurance team then the moderator is considered active.