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How to create Minecraft like game in Unity: Server side

How to create Minecraft like game in Unity: Server side

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  • Game Development
  • UnityUnity
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  • Project length: 4h 59m

In this project we will be connecting the scripts that we wrote in the previous project with scripts that we are going to write in this project. Eventually this way you can have more control over the game that you are building and understand the functionalities in depth.



In this project, we will build the server side of our Minecraft game and make it a multiplayer. Hopefully, you will learn a lot of new things in programming and gaming in general.


  • Intermediate C# knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of Servers
  • Basic knowledge in UI
  • Basic knowledge in Unity Networking

Target Audience

  • Game developers, beginners, even professionals who want to learn a new approach to the classic Minecraft game.
  • Anyone who enjoys coding even for fun or wants to learn new things in the Unity world.

Project Outline

Session 1:Writing network scripts in C#

  • Session 1.1: Network programming Part 1
  • Session 1.2: Network programming Part 2

Session 2: Network Manager C# Scripts

  • Session 2.1: Network Manager Sandbox Part 1
  • Session 2.2: Network Manager Sandbox Part 2

Session 3: Database Programming

  • Session 3.1: Database Programming Part 1
  • Session 3.2: Database Programming Part 2

Session 4: Placing Scripts in respective Game Objects

Session 5: Testing and game overview

Tools :

  • Unity


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    a year ago

    Perhaps because most of the network stuff is deprecated and gets removed but my final test spawns me underneath everything. almost woks, after wasting so much time following along id had at least hoped it worked