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LibSDL Hello World


LibSDL Hello World

with david_joffe|24 years experience|C-C++

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LibSDL Hello World

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[1 Sep 2017] Welcome. New project, C++ "Hello World" using LibSDL2, not sure yet where this is going. Hello World, now with bullets: Tutorial to show how to create from scratch, following through every single step required, a new simple C++ "Hello World" application (and core 'skeleton' of a game), using LibSDL2, in Microsoft Visual Studio. (LibSDL is a software library used mainly for cross-platform game development; it's a relatively low-level library that presents basic functionality for e.g. creating your game window (or setting fullscreen mode), doing graphic operations (and/or can be used for 3D e.g. OpenGL), working with textures, getting keyboard input, mouse input, audio stuff etc.) I am streaming many projects, please see my project list for details: [](


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