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Online Dictionaries for IsiXhosa NLU

Online Dictionaries for IsiXhosa NLU

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welcome⬩欢迎⬩bienvenue⬩bienvenidos⬩welkom⬩selamat datang⬩ברוכים הבאים⬩أهلا وسهلا⬩ยินดีต้อนรับ I am streaming many different projects, check my [project list]( "project list") for more info. Working on: Online (and potentially also App and CD-ROM) Dictionaries for the South African IsiXhosa National Lexicography Unit. Editing on the dictionary/ies will be done using our [TLex Lexicography software]( "TLex Lexicography Software") (a C++ multi-user desktop application that runs on Windows and Mac), and 'published to' the website etc. The online dictionary is PHP-based and uses our ["TLex Online"]( "TLex Online") framework for publishing dictionaries, terminology lists and other reference works. Beta/Staging/Dev website of work in progress: []( This work is being done for: []( (The isiXhosa National Lexicography Unit)


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