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Online Afrikaans Dictionary WAT

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Online Afrikaans Dictionary WAT

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welcome⬩欢迎⬩bienvenue⬩bienvenidos⬩welkom⬩selamat datang⬩ברוכים הבאים⬩أهلا وسهلا⬩ยินดีต้อนรับ Working on a new 'beta' version (pilot project) of the online Afrikaans dictionary (of the "WAT" - Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal / 'Dictionary of the Afrikaans Language' - a very large historical dictionary of Afrikaans): []( This is implemented in PHP and uses our "TLex Online" PHP framework for publishing dictionaries. We also previously implemented, and still maintain, the present online version of the WAT (also PHP-based): []( This is being developed for our client: []( ... our TLex Lexicography Software (a C++ Windows/Mac specialized desktop multi-user lexicography software) application is used by the WAT to edit the dictionary: []( I am streaming many different projects, check my [project list]( "project list") for more info.


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