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ICO in-depth (explanation and analysis)

ICO in-depth (explanation and analysis)

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  • Project length: 3h 45m

An in-depth insight in what ICOs are, how to analyze them and how to make money off of them.


Project Introduction

This project will try to explain the definition of initial coin offerings, why they are made and what they accomplish. It will also show viewers what happens after an ICO is finished. Besides this, the main focus of this project will be the analysis of both early stage ICOs and already established ones, in order to establish the guidelines of good (or bad) ICOs. This will help people make ICO investing a well thought-through decision instead of a purely speculative choice.

What are the requirements?

Basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies; Desire to learn and soak up the experience of others; *Patience when you do your own analysis (you will go through countless bad projects before a good one appears).

This project is for:

People who want to expand their knowledge of cryptocurrencies; Those who want to diversify their investments; *People who don't want to gamble and speculate with ICOs, but rather invest purposefully.

Project Outline

Session 1: What are ICOs?

  • History of Initial Coin Offerings
  • Why are they made?
  • ICO stages
  • New era of fund-raising
  • IPO (initial public offering) vs ICO (initial coin offering)

Session 2: What happens after an ICO?

  • ICO caps
  • ICO regulation
  • ICO token sharing and vesting periods
  • Return on Investment

Session 3.1.: How to find ICOs to analyze/invest in? part 1

  • Finding ICOs – intro
  • ICOdrops
  • coinschedule
  • ICOalert
  • tokenmarket
  • ICOhotlist

Session 3.2.: How to find ICOs to analyze/invest in? part 2

  • Finding ICOs – intro
  • Social media (twitter, telegram, discord, reddit)

Session 4: Established ICO analysis guide

  • Importance and ranking of available data
  • Flipping vs investing
  • Full analysis of an already established ICO

Session 5: Early stage ICO analysis guide (insufficient data)

  • Why would I analyze ICOs with insufficient data
  • Market timing
  • Pooling groups
  • X factor and importance of available data
  • Early stage ICO analysis example


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