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How to create a Management Application in C# using WPF

How to create a Management Application in C# using WPF

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  • Programming
  • C#-.NETC#-.NET
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  • Project length: 15h 52m

I’ll try to build a simple application for a Fablab Managment with users registration, equipment managment, projects who users can contribute, agenda events and more.. I’ll be using C# as main language with MySql database, json to use as future web api. I gonna use MVC pattern, starting with registration/login and ending with a functional invoicing system, at least I hope to.


This project will cover WPF usage, MVC pattern, MySQL connection and Restful api for future usage. I’ll try to explain how to build a simple WPF project from scratch to a end product project. Step by step we we’ll learn how to make our application stable , user-friendly and more important functional. From basic authentication to an application with a good potential to evolve. The project is meant to give a user a basic knowledge in C# developing using WPF.

You should be used to a object oriented programming . And most important passion in programming.

I’m not a senior developer so mostly I’ll share my knowledge with you, and will practice side by side with you, if you have some suggestions during this project I’m open for them and maybe will shedule astreaming for a new feature I didn’t mention before, or even a bugfix I forget about.

So hope you enjoy that, and let’s learn together. ;)

When are the streaming sessions (streaming schedule)?

Weekly 01 pm EST on Wednesday and occasionally on Sunday (will be announced in advance)

Project Outline

Session 1: Setting-up the Environment

  • Setting up the .Net Eviornment
  • Setting up the MySql server

Session 2: Creating the Project

  • Create Main Page
  • Create Login Page
  • Main components explanation

Session 3: Database Connection and Simple query

  • Connect to Database
  • Query the databse
  • Handle simple user login

Session 4: Complete the Layout for all pages

  • Creating Layouts for all pages
  • Register Page
  • Projects Page
  • Events Page
  • Machines Page

Session 5: Connect all pages to the main Page

  • Make a connection between pages (this session we will create a connection between pages so we will have persistant information passed thorugh pages)

Session 6: Register Page

  • Create the logic for the Register page
  • Visitors and tutors registration

Session 6 p2: Register Page

  • Setting Up ITextSharp
  • Create pdf with report of visits

Session 7: Machines Page - Projects Page

  • Create tables fore the Pages with relatives columns
  • Fullfill the project page
  • Fullfill the machines page connecting to database //This sessions we will discover how a TreeeViews works and how to dinamicaly get elements from the db.

Session 8: Events Page

  • Make tables and relations for Events
  • Connect the page to db
  • Handle events


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