C++ memory model analyzer


C++ memory model analyzer

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C++ memory model analyzer

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Live hacking on linux. Watch a guru at work (now with music!). Hello everyone. I'm working on a program that basically does the same as http://svr-pes20-cppmem.cl.cam.ac.uk/cppmem/ but hopefully MUCH faster, and with support for more atomic operations that I need to check a lock-free read/write mutex that I wrote. The read/write mutex is needed for another project of mine and its requirements are that it is extremely fast in read locking while the speed of writing locking doesn't matter. I expect that a typical read-lock takes a single cache miss-- really can't make it faster than that. But in order to be sure that it works I have to write this program. Note that the C++ memory model is basically not understood by anyone in the world (or so it seems from the youtubes that I watched), which is the main reason I got interested: I like to work on stuff that other people don't understand. Here is a link to a talk from the guy that basically wrote this part of the standard (the C++ memory model): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M15UKpNlpeM


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