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I am a young programmer or commonly seen as young, born on 1999 and found out about programming at a young age, I have been messing around with random code since the age of 7 (DOS and Visual Basic) but nothing too serious, The first official interest I can remember is when I was 8-9. I instantly took a full interest in programming thanks to Halo PC and a tool for the game called "Halo Mapping Tools" which would allow you to modify attributes on the map file like change textures - projectiles - weapon statistics etc, I had thought it was the coolest thing ever and went online to find out how this was done. After some looking around I came across a simple video showing how to download Microsoft: Visual Studio and how to make a simple WinForms graphical user interface with a button and then I experimented, frankly so much today I have experienced many programming languages and write most of them with ease or a reminder on some sections. Today as of 2016, I am going to High School while doing a part-time placement at college. I occasionally find myself being an inveterate Reverse Engineer and commonly mess around with games by creating modifications for them such as custom weapons, changing attributes for them or just creating cheats now and then. I can currently only speak English (Native but suck at it anyway...) but proceeding to learn some Japanese here and there, but I am gradually learning Russian and Serbian.

Glasgow, GB

English, Russian