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How to create RPG game character in Blender: Texturing

How to create RPG game character in Blender: Texturing

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  • Project length: 5h 22m

This Blender project is about texturing a monster for an RPG game. The tutorial is going to be rather detailed, going a lot into both the theory and practice of texturing - both in and out of Blender!



We will discuss and apply various approaches to texturing, and make use of Blender's baking tools, using the high and low poly meshes from the previous project in the series. We will only be using FREE resources and tools during the process, and hopefully, learn by doing!

What are the requirements?

  • Having Blender (it's free)
  • Basic Blender skills (navigation, mouse control, etc)
  • GIMP (basically open-source Photoshop)
  • XNormal (free)
  • (optional) any graphics tablet

What is the target audience?

  • People wanting to learn texturing
  • Beginner artists in the industry looking to improve their skills
  • 2D artists wanting to learn how to texture in 3D
  • People who love horror

How often the tutorials will be uploaded

I plan on creating a project once every one or two weeks, each of them covering the next aspect of creating a fully animated character.

Project Outline

Session 1: Texturing theory

  • Realistic vs Hand-painted
  • Do you have to be an artist to texture?
  • Specular vs Metallic workflow
  • Explaining PBR
  • Test texturing a Suzanne model

Session 2: Baking

  • Learning the baking interface in Blender and XNormal
  • Using a high poly model to capture detail onto low poly
  • Producing a normal map
  • Producing an ambient occlusion pass for later use

Session 3: Hand-painting the Base color

Session 3.1: Hand painting part 1

  • Explanation of hand-painting techniques
  • Using Blender's Texture paint mode

Session 3.2: Hand-painting part 2

  • Color theory
  • Even more techniques
  • Creating an alternative hand-painted texture

Session 4: Roughness, Metalness and more

  • Drawing the Roughness/Metalness map
  • Preparing the map in GIMP
  • Applying materials in Unity
  • Explaining SSS

Session 5: Photo-bashing

  • Using photos off the web to texture
  • Using both Blender and GIMP

Session 6: Baking whole material and Presentation

  • Baking a Combined material map to use in texturing
  • Using GIMP to enhance the baked map
  • Setting up cameras and lights
  • Rendering


  • Blender
  • GIMP
  • XNormal
  • Unity


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