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How to create RPG game character in Blender: Modelling

How to create RPG game character in Blender: Modelling

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  • Project length: 5h 54m

This Blender project is focusing on modeling a transforming monster for an RPG game. The monster is going to be a mimic that neatly collapses into something that can be easily mistaken for a treasure chest in the dark luring the unsuspecting adventurer to their doom! It's going to be fun to create the monster, knowing that eventually, it will come to life - and hopefully, the viewers will have fun learning some tricks I picked up throughout my Blender career.



In this series of (hopefully, fun) tutorials, we will be creating a Mimic chest monster from scratch using Blender. This project is all the modelling and the UV unwrapping. I will take you through the creation explaining what's going on: using Blender's powerful modelling tools and things like using shape keys for modelling, sharp edges, partial symmetry, and more. Hope you'll have a blast.

What are the requirements?

  • Having Blender (it's free)
  • Basic Blender skills (navigation, mouse control, etc)
  • Desire to learn

What is the target audience?

  • Students learning modelling
  • Beginner modellers in the industry looking to improve their skills
  • People who love horror RPG games

How often the tutorials will be uploaded

I plan on creating a project once every one or two weeks, each of them covering the next aspect of creating a fully animated character.

Project Outline

Session 1: Creating the base mesh

  • Session 1.1: Creating the base mesh

  • Session 1.2: Creating the fangs and the mouth

Session 2 Detailing the mesh

  • Working on the silhouette
  • Accentuating

Session 3 Adapting the mesh for monster transformation

  • Adjusting length of limbs
  • Checking how everything fits together
  • Using Shape keys and adjusting as we go

Session 4 Sculpting

  • Creating the high poly mesh for eventual normal baking
  • Taking the detail to the next level

Session 5 Unwrapping

  • Creating seams
  • Using automated algorithms
  • Adjustments

Session 6: Presentation

  • Setting up cameras and lights
  • Enhancing the shots
  • Rendering


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