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Building a Business Directory Web App: PHP


Building a Business Directory web-app in PHP

with brodie124|4 years experience|Java

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Building a Business Directory Web App: PHP

  • English
  • Programming
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  • Project length: 44h 32m

This tutorial will cover all of the details of creating a business directory website - including setting up the development environment, tools that will be needed, methodologies used, etc.). The tutorial will also guide you through the development of a concept to creating the actual web-app, giving you the knowledge to create a multitude of systems and applications.


What are the requirements?:

  • Viewers of this tutorial should have at least some knowledge in the following areas:
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Basic PHP and SQL
  • Databases driven websites
  • And the most important is: desire to learn

What is the target audience?: This tutorial may especially stand out to people who:

  • Wish to learn how to build a business directory.
  • Wish to further enhance their knowledge of PHP and/or database-driven websites.
  • Wish to gain an insight into methodologies used by other developers and how certain sites could be developed.

When are the streaming sessions (streaming schedule)? Weekly 6pm-8pm GMT on Thursday.


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Project Outline

Session 1: Setting-up the Environment

  • Setting up the development environment (IDE and web server)
  • Potentially start designing the concept

Session 2: Finish site concept & start development

  • Continue designing the concept
  • Begin to develop based on the concept

Session 3+: Continue to develop site until it’s finished

  • Develop the site until it’s finished


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    2 years ago

    excellent !!!

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    3 months ago

    Wow excelente muito Obrigado