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How to Build a simple Slack Clone in Firebase and Angular.JS

How to Build a simple Slack Clone in Firebase and Angular.JS

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  • Project length: 5h 32m

This tutorial will cover building a Slack clone web application with Firebase, and Angular(4). You’ll be shown step by step how to set up an Angular project, set up firebase, and build out the html/css for the front end. By the end of this course you should have a basic chat room application similar to Slack. for some reason the last episode recorded is not showing up on the list. the finished product is on the github link below ******* FINISHED PRODUCT: *******




Project Outline

Session 1: Setting-up the Environment

  • Setting up angular application
  • Setting up firebase
  • Overview on how these tools work together.
  • Start creating core angular components

Session 2: Front-End -- Build out the the basic structure of our web application.

  • Initial HTML structure & styling of the application

Session 3: Backend

  • Begin to tie firebase into the application
  • Login/Logout functionality
  • Channel Creation

Session 4:

  • Clean up / test all backend functionality implemented thus far
  • Deploy application to firebase


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