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How to make assets for 3d endless runner game like Subway Surfers

How to make assets for 3d endless runner game like Subway Surfers

  • English
  • Game Development
  • 2d/3d game art2d/3d game art
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  • Project length: 5h 25m

In this tutorial we will be creating assets from the 3D endless runner game subway surfer. We will be creating the base model then taking them into 3d Coat to start giving them that hand painted texture look. We will be going from A - Z on the development so we won't miss any steps.



Hey guys! In this project we will be going into creating high quality assets from a 3D endless runner game called Subway Surfers. We will be using different software to create each asset, we will going through a range from creating characters to coins and train parts. This project will be perfect for anyone in the game development field looking to create stylized assets for your games.

What are the requirements?

  • Basic 3D knowledge
  • 3D software (Blender, Maya, 3DS Max)
  • Willingness to learn!

What is the target audience?

  • 3D astist
  • Indie Game Developers

Project Outline

Session 1: Creating modular train set up

  • Here we will be creating modular set up for the train to save work time
  • Make around 3 parts to keep it diversified

Session 2: Creating buildings

  • Modeling out buildings for the side of map
  • Making them to reuse them

Session 3: Modeling out foliage & Road blockers

  • Creating tress and bushes for the side of the map
  • Modeling out road blockers in Blender

Session 4: UV unwrapping

  • Unwrap all the assets we created
  • Fitting all assets on a couple of UV maps

Session 5: Begin hand painted texturing

  • Start texturing our assets we modeled in Blender
  • Using tactics to paint on detail to our models

Session 6: Texturing Train part 1

  • Here we will be texturing our train!
  • Adding in fine details to create stylized assets

Session 7: Texturing Train part 2

  • We will be finishing all textures *Making our scene within blender


  • 3D Software
  • 3D coat
  • Photoshop (if necessary)


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    3 years ago

    I would recommend this to everyone interested.

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    3 years ago

    I played endleess runners a lot, now I'm trying to make my own

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    3 years ago

    Instruction were easy to follow, I appreaciate it.