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How to create a 3D Stylized Character Model in Blender

How to create a 3D Stylized Character Model in Blender

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  • Project length: 4h 58m

Hey, so in this project we will be creating our very own base character model, with a stylized touch to it. This project is about modeling/ sculpting a base mesh character that you can use in your own games. You will be learning all of the skills to be able to output high quality models for your very own games.


This tutorial will cover all the fundamental details you will need to be able to create a 3D Base Character. You will be be guided from the bottom up on how to sculpt and model your character, we will begin at a beginner level an as we progress we will get more technical an advance with our workflow and development.


Blender 3D Software Basic knowledge of sculpting in any software (Zbrush, Mudbox, Blender) Photoshop/Substance Painter 3D Coat for Retopology

Target Audience

  • Beginner modelers looking to improve there development
  • Artist looking for a more professional wokflow
  • This course will help any 3D artist looking for help in there craft

Project Outline

Session 1 - Base Form for Sculpting

  • Import our base model for sculpting
  • Setting up or base mesh to sculpt in of basic forms

Session 2 - Head Details

  • Sculpting face details in model
  • Focusing on capturing as much detail in facial region

Session 3 - Chest/Back Details

  • Sculpting Chest and abdomen
  • Keeping proportions for a Stylized look

Session 4 - Leg details, final touches

  • Sculpting Quadriceps/ Hamstrings
  • Making final touches to sculpt

Session 5 -Arms

  • Sculpting Bicep/Triceps
  • Keeping stylized form of the mesh

Session 6 - Retopology

  • Import it into 3D Coat or your program of your choice
  • Preform Basic retopology on Highpoly mesh
  • Make sure Polygon count is low enough for game engines


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