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How to make own 3D assets if you're not an artist

How to make own 3D assets if you're not an artist

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  • Project length: 5h 22m

Hey guys in this project we will be going over how to get started in blender an create our very own city for our games. We will be going over everything we need to know about blender an all the actions we need to use to create this city scene. For this course you will not need any prior experience in any 3D software, I will be teaching you everything from the basics.


This tutorial we will be covering all the blender basics to understand the software. We will be keeping this course at a beginner level so anyone can come and learn this software without knowing it. After completing this course you will be able to make clean simple 3D objects within blender.

What are the requirements?

  • Blender 3D Software
  • Eager to Learn

What is the target audience?

  • Indie Game Developers
  • Programmers wanting to learn simple 3D art
  • Beginners wanting to learn the pipeline to lowpoly 3D art

Project Outline

Session 1: Starting up Blender

  • We will start by downloading the software
  • We will go over basic tools within Blender
  • Setting up or Viewport

Session 2: Begin 3D modeling Practice

  • Start playing around with the modeling tools in Blender
  • Creating shapes and combining them
  • Find an efficient workflow for creating assets

Session 3: Lowpoly Props : Buildings

  • We will be creating skyscraper buildings
  • Merging simple shapes together to make an overall clean shape

Session 4: Lowpoly Props : Roads and Cars

  • Bringing the City to life with roads and cars
  • Designing different cars to make the city feel more diverse
  • Using Blenders basic tools to create these Lowpoly assets

Session 5: Designing Trees and Maps fillers

  • We will be filling the city by creating different kind of trees to immerse the city in
  • Details out all the small thing we can add within the streets and sidewalks
  • Using Blender to duplicate an move objects around to create a more dense scene

Session 6: Texturing within Blender & Importing into Unity

  • We will start doing basic texturing within blender
  • Adding colors to all of our assets to make them come to life
  • Add our scene into unity to set it up


  • Blender 3D software


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    2 years ago

    Very nice tutorial but Session 2 was overwritten by session 5 so I can't really follow along, I would really enjoy if this was fixed.